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8 Summer Photography Trends for 2020

By Audrey Webster | Effects Showcase Inspiration

It's already shaping up to be a Summer to remember, and this season's photography trends are setting the stage for future movements in photography and editing that you’re not going to want to miss. Limited travel means aerial and 360-degree photos are likely to continue rising in popularity. Keep your eye out for a revival of some classic photography styles with a modern twist. Colors are big this summer (the brighter, the better!) and you can also expect to see a rise in un-staged photography.

summer photography trends 2020

For any of these these trending concepts, you'll find everything you need for enhancing your images in BeFunky's Photo Editor. We'll walk you through our favorite summer photography trends below, plus all the tools we recommend for post processing and creating images that stand out:

Social Activism

Summer 2020 might become known as the summer of social activism in photography. Now more than ever, photographers are responsible for capturing these historic moments and documenting them for a broader audience. Social media is saturated with photos from protests, rallies, and speeches. With the excellent photography capabilities provided on most smartphones, it’s easy to capture these candid moments. 

photography trends 2020 Social activism

When it comes to editing social activism photos in BeFunky's Photo Editor, there are a few key tools and features that will help you capture these powerful moments in time. Since there is a lot happening at these events, the Crop tool comes in handy if you're wanting to emphasize a single subject and cut out distractions. We also recommend adding a classic Black & White filter to help evoke more emotion as you tell the story of your photo.

Aerial Shots

There is something mesmerizing about seeing a familiar site from above. It’s a unique perspective that can be captured brilliantly with the right technology (aka a drone). Whether you’re looking over a curvy street lined with colorful homes or a string of islands on crystal blue waters, these photos have potential to be both captivating and memorable.

aerial photography 2020 trends

One of the most important aspects of your aerial photos that you’ll want to pay attention is the clarity of the shot. Patterns are easily traceable in these kinds of photos and a clear image will make them more striking. The best tool for the job here is the Clarity tool, as it works to sharpen the details of your image without over-sharpening or adding the dreaded halo effect around your objects. It's one of those one-click wonders that works with a simple slider adjustment as well, so you won't have to worry about a learning curve.

Vibrant Colors

Get your editing tools ready because photography is colorful this summer. Expect to see a burst of bright photographs trending this summer as vibrant colors take over the editing scene. These are photos where the colors look electric. They are eye-capturing and awe-inspiring.

how to make colors vibrant in photos
how to enhance color in photos



The trick to bringing out vibrant colors in your photography is enhancing them with the Vibrant Colors DLX effect. This smart color enhancer will amplify the colors in your image without over-saturating them. Perfect for getting those jaw-dropping hues in a single click!

Un-Staged Daily Life

We all love those images that seem to candidly capture a moment, and 2020 is all about shedding any sort of staged perfection. Amateur and professional photographers alike are focusing their lenses on in-the-moment captures. These photos evoke an emotional response in the viewer, making them a powerful image and a trend to watch for this summer. 

unstaged photography 2020 trend

These candid shots focus on the subject, which means your editing skills will also be focused here. BeFunky's Photo Editor features a collection of Touch Up tools that are perfect for enhancing subjects if you need to –anything from fixing the blemishes on the subject’s face to brightening their eye color and enhancing the natural beauty of the shot.

360-degree Photography

Drone videography has skyrocketed in popularity during recent years and photographers are getting creative with how to incorporate a drone-like angle into their photos. 360-degree photography is a unique trend to watch for this summer. With most of us spending the summer close to home, it’s the ideal time to take our editing skills to the next level.

360 degree photography 2020 trends

There are several apps that can be downloaded on your phone to help you create these stunning shots, and BeFunky’s Photo Editor can make them stand out. You’ll want to try the Cutout tool to isolate different elements of your image and remove the background around them. Then stitch together a series of wide-angle shots to create your 360 degree photo.

Vintage Edits

Vintage photography is back and you’re going to want in on this Summer trend. Capture the essence of the “old days” with these photos that resemble their classic counterparts. In Summer 2020, we have technology on our side to make our photos look not only clear, crisp, and vibrant, but also vintage and classy. 

vintage photo effects by BeFunky

BeFunky is a perfect single stop for giving your photos a unique vintage style. The Effects tab has the perfect collection of vintage photo filters and an amazing Film Grain effect to make your images look shot on film instead of your current camera. We also recommend trying the Textures tab for adding Light Leaks, Scratches, and other retro elements.


Less is more this Summer when it comes to photography trends. Picture a lot of blank space with a single subject as the main focus of the photo. These images are simple while evoking a strong response from the viewer. Imagine a landscape of sand dunes with nothing but sand and sky or a pattern of apartment homes on a simple street. Photos with minimal content are taking the photography world by storm. They are easy to capture and even easier to liven up with BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

how to create custom photo filter in BeFunky
2020 photography trend minimalism



When working with a photo that has little content, the colors represented can make all the difference in the overall vibe. If you're feeling extra creative, try playing with the Color Grading tool in the Cinematic category of the Effects tab. You can use it to control the hues represented in the highlights, midtones, and shadows of your image, allowing you to create your own custom photo filters!

Secluded Nature Shots

Since there's been a bit more isolation than we ever thought possible, your hikes and outdoor activities probably look a little less crowded these days. This is the perfect opportunity to capture a more secluded look in your nature shots.

enhance dlx effects by BeFunky
moody nature photography 2020



If you want to add clarity, vibrance, and even more realism to your photos, try pairing them with the Enhance DLX effects at the top of the Edit menu. This collection of effects is sure to bring out all the details in your nature photography, making the viewer feel more like they were there with you!

Ready to try your hand at some of these Summer photography trends? Get out your camera, then upload your shots in BeFunky’s Photo Editor and see what unique images you can create!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified