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BeFunky’s AI Online Background Remover: Edit & Remove Backgrounds In One Click

By Rach DePaoli | Photo Editor Tutorials

With so many expensive editing programs on the market, having a tool that could remove a background in a single click sounds like it would be easy to find. That’s not the case. Typically, you have to learn these complicated programs, and then learn how to use the tools in them to achieve the same results that you can get with BeFunky’s Photo Editor in a single click – yep, it’s that good.

Built entirely by our in-house team, the Background Remover uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect the main subject in your image and removes your background in just a few seconds. We’ll show you how it works, plus a few of our favorite ways to get creative with the best online background remover available.

One-Click AI Background Remover Tutorial

Let's learn how to quickly remove the background of any image. Then, we'll go over some other use cases for the tool. When you are ready to get started, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor. Alternatively, you can head straight to the Background Remover tool by clicking here.

Step 1: Upload an Image

Click the Open tab at the top of the page to upload an image. Images with a clearly defined subject work best. You can also select More and then Stock Images to practice on one of the thousands of free stock images directly in BeFunky.

Next, we are going to select Edit from the left-hand menu and locate the Background Remover tool in the Remove/Replace tab.

edit image

Step 2: Remove the Background of Your Image

Once here, select the Background Remover tool and the AI will automatically get to work. The tool will aim to detect the main subject in your photo and erase the background behind it in just a few seconds. Any removed area of your image will look like a checkerboard, which means it’s now transparent. You can stop here or keep going in order to make adjustments and see what other key features are included with this tool.

Step 3: Customize the Background

Once your background is removed, you can then replace it with a new background directly in the Background Remover tool. Seriously, this is so cool. To do this, select Change Background

background remover

Once here, you can replace the background with a single color by choosing Color, or you can replace the background with another image by selecting Image. We are going to replace ours with an image.

choose new background image

You can select one of your own images by selecting Computer or select an image from the thousands of Stock Images we have within our Photo Editor. 

I just want to say that if you are a YouTuber who makes thumbnails, this tool is one of the fastest ways to make YouTube thumbnails, as you can see here. Once you have your image done, you can head to the Text tab and add your attention-grabbing copy.

Step 4: Tidy Things Up With Adjust Selection

Even with how powerful our AI is, sometimes the edges need a little cleaning up depending on your preferences. Rather than saving this and re-uploading to access another tool, the tools are included directly in the Background Remover. Select the Back arrow in the top left of the menu in order to get back to the original BG Remover menu. You will see the Adjust Selection option–select this.

This option is a brush editing tool and you will be able to erase or remove sections of your image by brushing over it. We will show you how.

adjust background remover

Automatically, you will see your image turn blue and green, with your subject being green. This is a mask and can be turned off by de-selecting the Show/Hide Mask option. We are going to keep it on since it makes it easier to edit any discrepancies.

micro adjustments to background

To remove any unwanted areas of your image, select the Remove tab and brush over the area of your image that you want to remove. I like to zoom in during this step so that I can get the cleanest edges. 

You will notice that when you erase part of the image, you can still see the edges of the original image turn a darker blue color. This is just to show you how much you’ve removed from the original image. If you take off too much, just simply switch your brush from Remove to Keep and brush back over the section you want to keep. You can see how this will look with the original image and new background by de-selecting the Show/Hide Mask, and then re-selecting it to keep editing. Seriously, this tool is so cool.

Below is the way I set my brush up to achieve clean edges. You can adjust the sliders any way you’d like if you prefer a softer look. 

To have a brush with clean edges, I make sure to have the Brush Hardness turned all the way up. If you want the brush to have more of a feathered look, you would adjust this scale lower. 

I also want to make sure that the Brush Strength is all the way up. This makes it so that when I erase, the entire part of the image disappears. The lower this scale, the parts that you erase will not fully disappear–rather, they will give those areas some opacity.

Once you are done with your fine-tuning, select the Back arrow in the top left of the menu.

Step 5: Add a Drop Shadow for Dimension

The Background Remover provides an option to add a drop shadow. This is so cool because it makes the editing process so much faster and gives you the ability to add some dimension to your image in order to separate it from the background. We will show you where this option really stands out below, but we will cover it quickly here.

drop shadow background

Select Drop Shadow from the BG Remover menu. Once here, you can adjust things like the Distance, Angle, Blur, and Opacity, amongst other things. These are the main four that I adjust. Play around with it a bit until you get your desired effect. The only thing I will say is if you want your drop shadow to look like an actual shadow, make sure that the effect is subtle.

subtle change after
subtle background before



Once you are done with all of your adjustments, select Apply from the BG Remover menu.

You may want to select the Exposure tool from the Edit tab to adjust the shadows of the image so that the subject and the background blend seamlessly together. You will see in the final image that we adjusted the shadows and it makes the photo look more natural.

Step 6: Save the Image

Now that you’ve successfully removed the background of your photo, replaced it with a new background, and made any additional adjustments/edits – it’s time to save! When you’re ready, click the Save button at the top of the screen. 

save final background switch

Take a look at the drastic before and after of this image. Seriously, this tool is really amazing. There is nothing like it on the market that I have used that is easier than this. 

subtle background after
background remover before



Background Remover Inspiration 

Whether you need to erase or replace your image background, the Background Remover is going to be your new go-to. Here are a few more creative ways to use this A.I-powered tool:

Utilize Transparent Backgrounds for Your Product Photography

A transparent background allows you to create cohesive product photography, website graphics, and logos that stand out. Brand marketing has never been easier! A transparent background can be trimmed and exported as a layer to then be applied to both print and digital materials.

To achieve this result, follow Steps 1 and 2 above to upload your image and remove the background. When you do this, the photo will automatically have a transparent background. You can make any adjustments by following Step 4 above. The key to keeping a transparent background is in how you save it.

transparent background after
transparent background before



Replace Backgrounds With Solid Colors

In some cases, adding a solid-colored background is the best way to make your main subject pop.

With our Background Remover, you have your choice of any background color imaginable – even the ability to match a color in your image. After removing the background with the Cutout tool, simply select Background Color and replace the transparent background of your original image with a new hue. 

solid background after
solid background before



Remove, Replace, and Edit Backgrounds in Seconds With BeFunky

As you can see, there are so many uses for this tool and it is incredibly easy to use. Choose the Background Remover in BeFunky’s Photo Editor any time you need to remove an unwanted background, keep it transparent, or swap it with a different photo or color.

Remove Backgrounds With Ease.

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