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Bring Clarity To Your Photos With Sharpen

By Peter Latriano | Basic Photo EditingPhoto Editor Tutorials

Our Sharpen tool makes your photography crystal clear. By enhancing contrast along the edges in your image, it helps undo the appearance of blurry lines and bring your pictures back into perfect focus. So whether they were the unfortunate victim of a case of the shaky hands, a subject who just wouldn’t stand still or a shutter speed that was a little on the slow side, BeFunky is here to help remove whatever it is that has clouded your creative vision.

Simple and To The Point

We make restoring the sharpness of your photos quick and easy. To begin, just upload a photograph to the BeFunky Photo Editor by selecting it from the Open tab, or for even faster uploading, simply drag-and-drop you image into the interface. Choose the Sharpen tool from the Edit menu on the left side of the screen.

how to sharpen photos in BeFunky
Pro Tip:

It’s best to use the Sharpen tool at the end of your editing process, to ensure all aspects of your photos are sharpened evenly. Finish all of your other edits first!

Clear, Crisp Photos

Next, adjust the Amount using the sliding scale. The more you increase the intensity of the Sharpen tool, the more the contrast between brights and darks along the edges of your photo increase. This will create crisp lines, but be careful not to overdo it. When sharpening is used in abundance, it can create a grainy appearance. Everything in moderation we always say! When you’re satisfied with the results, click Apply.

Image Sharpener by BeFunky

Pro Tip:

Accuracy is important when sharpening. You should view your photo at 100% when using the Sharpen tool, so you can clearly see the effects on your image.

Quality Photos, Regardless of Your Camera

Slow shutter speeds, shallow depth of field and other camera-related factors can cause blurriness in certain areas of your photos, while others remain perfectly clear. If this happens, try using the Paint tool. You can use it to apply Sharpen to only the areas that need it most. Making sure the Inverse button is selected (the icon with two overlapping squares), adjust Brush Size to change the surface area you want to cover, Brush Hardness to change the definition of your tool and Brush Strength to control intensity, then use your mouse to apply.

how to sharpen photos online in BeFunky

[su_befunky_protip protiptitle="quick tip"]If you go overboard with the Sharpen tool, you can always undo your work. The Erase button lets you reverse your sharpening, while the Reset button let’s you start over.[/su_befunky_protip]

Final Results

after image sharpening tool by BeFunky
before sharpening photo with BeFunky



If your photos are out of focus, the solution is clear. Use Sharpen to bring greater definition and clarity to your photography!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified