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How to Improve Your Makeup Selfies

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

Most days the camera doesn’t capture what is seen in the mirror after makeup has been skillfully applied. Instead of fussing over reapplying the makeup darker and retaking the image a little digital enhancement goes a long way in achieving a polished final image. BeFunky has the tools to make that possible with the Photo Editor

You don’t need to be a beautician, have the perfect skin, and apply your makeup precisely every time to have a share-worthy photo, instead with the Touch Up tools you can achieve perfect makeup in just a few simple clicks. All of these tools are found within the Touch Up tab in the Photo Editor, so when you’re ready to start enhancing your makeup in your images upload your image and get started! 

Light up Your Lips With Lipstick

Lipstick can be found under the Mouth section of the Touch Up tab and is as simple to use as real lipstick. Simply select the color you want to apply and adjust the brush size to fit the lips and swipe on with your cursor. This is a great way to make your lipstick pop a bit more in the final image, or even reapply lipstick if it had all come off over the course of your day. The strength slider will allow you to control the amount of the color that is applied and the bush hardness will have a more feathered look with a lower setting, and a more bold edge with a higher setting. 

makeup lipstick after
makeup lipstick before



Make Your Eyes Pop With Mascara

Seasonal allergies may have hit you and made your mascara run, or maybe your eyelashes just got lost in the image, Mascara is a great option to highlight your eyelashes. Located under the Eyes section of the Touch Up tab, just swipe your cursor over your eyelashes and mascara will be applied. Make adjustments as needed to the brush size, strength, and brush hardness to achieve the best makeup in your photo.

makeup mascara after
makeup mascara before



Enhance Your Brows With the Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow thickness is a fashion trend that seems to be everchanging. With the Eyebrow Pencil, you can achieve whatever is currently on trend in just a few swipes of your cursor. Located under the Eyes section, simply select the color of pencil you want to use and start at a low level of strength and fill those brows in. Less is more with the strength of the pencil, start around 30 and continue to fill the brows in until you have found your desired result. 

makeup eyebrow after
makeup eyebrow before



Keep Things Rosy With Blush

A common mistake when it comes to blush is an uneven application, and this often isn’t realized until you look back at the photos! In just a few easy clicks you can have a perfectly applied blush in a matter of seconds. Located under the Skin section, select the right color blush and your brush size. A bigger brush size seems to be better with blush, then make small circles on the apex of the cheek to create a wonderfully rosy final image. 

makeup blush after
makeup blush before



Achieve a Beachy Glow With Bronzer

Skip the dangers of tanning beds, and time spent basking in the sun by using your favorite bronzer. When it rubs off throughout your events, reapply after the image is snapped with Bronzer found under the Skin section. Less is more when it comes to strength, select the perfect color for your skin and swipe it on anywhere you would use bronzer or a contour color of makeup. 

makeup bronzer after
makeup bronzer before



Makeup Can Be Simple With Touch Up Tools

With just a few simple clicks and the help of the BeFunky Photo Editor, you can touch up all your makeup in your photos with Touch Up tools. Never worry about having to say no to a photo on an imperfect makeup day again when you can retouch it in minutes. Get started making your makeup shine in your photos 

Photo Retouching, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified