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How To Improve Your Makeup Selfies

By Amy Rigsby | Inspiration

Have you ever finished a selfie session only to look back at your camera roll and none of them are just right? Did your makeup look fail to translate on camera? Is your messy background or flyaways distracting you from the most epic selfie ever? Follow these top tips using the BeFunky Photo Editor to begin your pro makeup transformation today!

Use A Solid Background

The easiest trick you can do to improve your next makeup selfie is to have the perfect background. No matter how flawless your makeup may look, a messy background can be too distracting. It's best to use a clean, white backdrop in natural lighting to really make your selfie stand out!


Use Bronzer To Add Dimension

Certain lighting can tend to wash out even the best makeup looks. Thankfully the Photo Editor has just the fix for that! Touch up with the Bronzer tool by choosing your preferred shade, applying to the hollows of the cheeks, and adjusting the intensity. This ensures your makeup skills are shown, even if the camera failed to pick up the dimension!


Eliminate Pesky Acne

Between that handy Blemish Fix tool and the new Perfect Skin tool, you're only a few clicks away from a perfect complexion each time. Just adjust your brush size and paint over the affected areas to get back to your most beautiful self. 

Defeat The Frizz

Everyone has those pesky flyaways pop up every now and then, and they can put a damper on the party. A great way to defeat the frizz is heading over to the Befunky Photo Editor and trying out the Smoothing tool. Click over to the paint tool and reverse the smoothing effect on your photo. Then simply run the brush over your hair to make the frizz disappear!


Amp Up The Color

This is one of my favorite tricks to improving my makeup selfies and it just so happens to be the easiest. Certain camera angles and harsh lighting can wash out the vibrancy of some makeup looks. To solve this problem, I like to head over to the color tool in the Photo Editor and increase the saturation. You never have to worry about your eye shadow colors fading again!


Whether you're a pro artist or new to the makeup world, Befunky will ensure your next makeup selfie stands out among the rest. Try it out for yourself today!

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