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How To Get Luscious Lips With The Lipstick Tool

By Peter Latriano | Photo Editor Tutorials Touch Ups

Having a luscious set of lips is a highly coveted feature, and almost always has been. Made famous by icons like Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot and Angelina Jolie, juicy lips have become one of the most desirable facial features throughout the years. Some even go to great lengths to plump their lips to imitate these actresses. Between lip-enhancing ointments, time-consuming lip liner tutorials and even plastic surgery, it seems there’s almost nothing some people won’t do. But thanks to BeFunky, making your lips look lush and full of color is simple! With our Lipstick tool, you can instantly apply digital lipstick to your photos. All it takes is a few quick clicks, and you can create a completely custom, unique and luscious look. It’ll give you big, beautiful lips even the celebs would jealous of!

A Little Lipstick Never Hurt

Our Lipstick tool lets you have fun playing with your look, while creating some seriously believable effects. By remaining partially transparent when applied, it always keeps the texture of your lips fully intact. To try it for yourself, upload an image to the Photo Editor. Then go into the Touch Up menu all the way on the left hand side of your screen, and select Lipstick from the section labeled Mouth.

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Pro Tip: If you accidentally get lipstick on your teeth when you retouch photos, you can select the Erase option to remove it instantly.

Own Every Shade

Ever have trouble deciding on a lipstick color? Well, now you can get every color under the sun! Feeling fierce? Just enter the Color Palette and choose from a wide range of shades in the red family. Does today feel like a coral kind of day? Our Lipstick tool has every variety of orange you could imagine. Or maybe your go-to is lime green; no matter how funky your style, we’ve got the perfect color that will compliment the look you’re trying to achieve. After you select the right hue, you can also personalize your photo retouching tool.

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By adjusting Strength, you will change the intensity of the Lipstick tool’s effect. You can also change Brush Size to make the Lipstick tool the ideal size for your mouth. Lastly, you can alter Brush Hardness, which will affect how crisp the outline of your Lipstick tool effect will be. When you decrease Brush Hardness it will create a feathered appearance, which is ideal for blending as you retouch photos.

Slap On Some Confidence

It’s always exciting getting a new color of lipstick. Something as little as adding some color to your face can transform the way you feel about yourself, and make you radiate with confidence. Now, you can get that feeling in a few quick clicks of the mouse! To get started, zoom in on your mouth in your photo. You will want to get as close as possible to make sure you don’t miss any details. Then, carefully click and drag your mouse over your lips to apply the Lipstick tool to your photo.

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If you want, you can also use the Lipstick tool to make your lips appear larger. Just decrease your Brush Size, and carefully apply the tool on the area above your top lip. But be careful not to overdo it. When used in abundance, it can create a clown-like appearance, and there’s nothing funny about that! You can also use the Reshape tool's Grow feature, which will increase the size of your lips in photos. When you’re finished, click the blue checkmark button to apply the effect.

Create A Look That’ll Be On Everyone’s Lips

While the Lipstick tool is perfect for everyday photo retouching, you can also use it to create some unique and super fun effects for special occasions. Want to use alternating colors on your lips? No problem. Feeling festive and want to add stars and stripes? Then you’re in luck. With the Lipstick tool, you can create any kind of fun effect on your lips that you desire. All you have to do is turn down Brush Size, and then you can get as artsy as you please by using the Lipstick tool as a paintbrush.

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Find that a shade doesn't work well with your complexion? You can adjust the Strength slider and the color of your lipstick after applying it by selecting one of the pre-set color tiles or click the first color tile to choose any hue you want! There's even an eyedropper tool that allows you to select any color on your image. That way you always get the look you're going for!

Final Results

Take luscious to a new level and use our Lipstick tool to plump your lips, add color and create a look that even the celebrities would be jealous of!

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