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How Whim Magazine Uses BeFunky To Motivate & Inspire

By Melanie Doncas | Case Studies

I began selling digital prints and stationary on Etsy at the beginning of this year, and since then have used a number of different online tools to assist with my shop. When I discovered BeFunky’s free-to-use Photo Editor, it was like a breath of fresh air, as previous online photo editing platforms had left me frustrated with their saturation of page banners and slow loading times.

BeFunky is now a tool I rely on each time I edit and add another listing, and there are several functions which make the process incredibly simple and efficient. The Crop and Resize tools allow me to prepare my digital files and offer smaller previews of them in each listing, while the Smart Sharpen tool really makes the quote on each digital print preview ‘pop’!

Whim Magazine Etsy Case Study - BeFunky Blog 2

I use purchased stock photography as backgrounds for each of my digital prints and stationary, however even these images go through a BeFunky editing process where I use the Brightness and Highlight tools to eradicate shadows and grey tones. Turning up the Contrast and Saturation levels also make the stock photography stand out even more in each listing preview, whereas increasing the pink tones allows each image to perfectly suit my Etsy store’s branding and aesthetic.

With the release of BeFunky’s new Designer Toolset, I now have even more options when it comes to designing images and elements for my Etsy store. I recently gave The Whim Shop a makeover, and turned to BeFunky to help me create a new Etsy header. Using a pre-made template, I was able to customise and create a beautiful new banner for my store in as little as 5 minutes! The best part about this was that the template has already been appropriately sized for uploading straight to Etsy—too easy!

Whim Magazine Etsy Case Study - BeFunky Blog 3

The Designer Toolset also helps me to create promotional material for my shop including social media graphics, advertising giveaways, competitions or even store updates. I love the simple text overlay feature, as well as the array of font styles and design elements available to me, all free to use!

My digital prints and stationary aim to inspire, motivate and add a whole lot of prettiness to each customer’s day. BeFunky has played a huge part in my business, inspiring me in return to create the highest quality graphics I can through the Photo Editor’s and Designer Toolset’s ease of use.

Whim Magazine Etsy Case Study - BeFunky Blog 4

To celebrate, from now until the 1st of October, BeFunky blog readers can save 25% on The Whim Shop’s digital prints and stationary by using the code ILOVEBEFUNKY.

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If you'd like to create some awesome designs for your Etsy store, simply visit the Designer Toolset below:

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