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Design An Amazing Etsy Header

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

OK, so you've mastered how to edit your photos for your Etsy store. But what about crafting the perfect header image that will reel in customers? Thanks to the BeFunky Designer, you don't need a graphic design degree or even basic understanding of the oh-so frustrating Photoshop to create a beautiful, custom header. It's easy to use, and even easier to master with this tutorial below.

1. Pick the Right Template

Our Graphic Designer templates feature several options for Etsy headers. Consider if you want to design for Etsy’s big banners or mini banners which occupy different space within your Etsy store. Big banners will run 3360 x 840px and be displayed across the top of your Etsy space. Mini banners take up less space at 760 x 100px and give you extra room to showcase your products.

Select Etsy Header Template

To choose a template, open up the Template Library then go to the Social Media menu and click on Etsy Headers. When you find a template you like, click on it to see a preview, then click the Use This Template button to populate it onto the canvas.

Select Template in Graphic Designer

2. Swap the Images

Here's where it gets personal. Add the images you want to use into the Image Manager, then drag-and-drop them onto your canvas to replace the demo image. You can also click onto the image and use the Replace Image button to choose an image from your computer to replace it. Photoshop wishes it were this straightforward!

Replace Demo Image

What's awesome about Designer is that you can edit pictures that you've already uploaded to the template. Click on your picture, then click 'Open Image in Editor' button that appears under the 'Image Properties' box. When you're ready to go back to the collage, click the itty-bitty thumbnail of your work at the bottom left of the screen.

Make Image Adjustments in Photo Editor

This image needed some Exposure adjustments and resizing then was ready to go in the designer template.

3. Fix the Text

First, click on the text. You'll see a Text Properties box appear that will allow you to change the font and the font color. But before we get into that, I updated the name to "Fox Favorites," so that I could see how the font looks with the text.

Change Text with Text Properties

Turns out, I really liked Architect's Daughter for "Fox," but I wanted to use a font less formal for "Favorites." Easy to change. I just highlighted the text I wanted to adjust, then clicked on the Font in the Text Properties dialogue for a full list of fonts available. You can also add your own fonts into BeFunky if you have specific branding you want to incorporate.

4. Add Graphic Elements

Because we're using such a busy background image, the text is blending in pretty heavy with the background. Go to the Graphics tab to choose from a variety of basic shapes available. I added a Rectangle behind the text to add some contrast, then used the Fill and Stroke color selection to match it to the background image.

Use Graphic Elements

You can also search our thousands of graphics in the Graphic Library to add some personal flair to your banner. I found a little fox graphic for this one!

Save Your Project to Share

Once you have your banner perfected, click the Save menu and save to your Computer, BeFunky or one of our social sharing options. This will take you to a page that will let you choose file format, file name, quality and show you the dimensions of the image you're saving. Make any necessary adjustments and click the Save button!

Save Project

Ta-da! Here's the finished product:

Fox Favorites Final Results

I love how this turned out! It just took a few adjustments in the BeFunky Designer to make a perfect, fun and on-brand graphic for a truly unique Etsy store banner!

Graphic Design, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified