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Doolittle Jewelry Puts Their Products In The Right Light With BeFunky

By Yume Delegato | Case Studies

Since starting Doolittle Jewelry, Sandra has learned to rely on BeFunky's photo-editing tools to give the handmade gemstone jewelry on her Etsy shop a more natural, true-to-life look.

"The pics I can create with BeFunky can transform poor lighting conditions and lack of dimension into a view of the jewelry that is almost like seeing it in person... if you can let the viewer feel they are seeing the item as well as if they were personally holding it, that makes all of the difference."

Although she was initially drawn to BeFunky for its speed and ease of use, the New York-based artisan has quickly learned which tools work best for highlighting the details in her pieces, which range from simple pendants to intricately designed earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Although she likes to experiment with different combinations of features, there are several BeFunky effects that she relies on day-in and day-out.

"I consistently use CROP, ROTATE, BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, FILL LIGHT and EXPOSUREOccasionally I use SHARPEN.   Sometimes all of them on a pic, and sometimes just a few of them... I love the Fill Light edit option for adding dimension to a piece of jewelry."

Because she does all of her photography herself, Sandra has experimented with many different techniques to improve the lighting and composition of her photos before she imports them into BeFunky.

"I have tried SO MANY different things over the years to improve my photos!  My studio has poor natural light; I have tried Diamond Dazzler bulbs, overhead lighting, light tents, special tabletop lamps, you name it!  I find mostly that using natural light coming from behind you in a window helps the camera most clearly capture the jewelry image.  Then I depend upon BeFunky to correct what my camera cannot."
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Photo Editing. Simplified