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7 Ways To Make Photos Creative With Graphics

By Whitney | What’s New

When photos and thoughtful graphics collide, it can be a match made in design heaven! Whether you want to emphasize an element of fun, add a meaningful text overlay, or get creative with some geometric shapes, there’s a little something for every occasion in our online Photo Editor! You’ll find hand-illustrated BeFunky originals and high-quality overlay icons that are versatile, easy to customize, and just plain awesome. Here are seven ways you can add graphics to photos with creative flair:

Get Geometric

Geometric shapes are not only trendy, but useful in providing a platform for text and other design elements. You’ll find all sorts of shapes and borders in the Geometry category. You can get creative with framing parts of your photo that you want to highlight or adding shapes as a base for making text pop.


Pro Tip: When you click on any graphic on your canvas, a Graphic Properties box will appear. Play around with Opacity, Color Overlay, and Blend Mode to really customize your shapes!

Make A Pattern

Patterns are a fantastic way to make a background more interesting. They’re useful and intriguing for blog post images, printables, social media headers - and they can be made in just a few clicks! Just choose the icons you want to use from the Graphic Library, add them to your background, duplicate them, and drag them into a repeating order.


Pro Tip: The fastest way to duplicate is to click on your graphic and press the “D” key on your keyboard. This will save you a few clicks and the duplicated graphic will be identical in size, color, and all the things you customized in the first graphic!

Say Something Meaningful

Sometimes a thoughtful message can really emphasize the feeling of your photo, and we’ve got some pretty amazing pre-designed text overlays that will help you do just that. You’ll find text graphics for the ones you love in our Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Birthday categories.


Enhance The Season

As seasons change with your photography, we’ve got graphics for all of them. A few seasonal overlays can really emphasize your excitement for Summer or love for Spring. These kinds of photos make for fun shares on social media or additions to your bullet journals and scrapbooks.


Make Holiday Photos More Festive

Create a Holiday photo in just a few clicks by adding some festive graphics and messages - perfect for sharing on your Facebook page or even printing out as your Holiday card! You’ll find all the text overlays and icons you’ll need in the Winter category.



Create A Logo For Watermarking

Starting a new business or blog? Once you have a solid idea for branding, it’s so easy to design your own logo and make it into a watermark in BeFunky! Upload any photo, use the Text Editor to type out the name of your venture, and add some graphics to enhance it. Once you get all of your design elements just right, click on the Background tool to make the background photo transparent, then Save your work as a .png file.


Now when you want to watermark a photo or social media post with your logo, just upload it as a layer in the Layer Manager tab, drag it onto the photo, resize and reposition until you’ve got it where you want it.


Have A Little Fun

We think graphics should be silly sometimes! That’s why we created our Accessories category. In it, you’ll find fun wigs, glasses, a unicorn mask or two, and a ton of icons you can add to your photo to make it more awesome. But don’t stop there - check out our Speech Bubbles for creating a comic book aesthetic and Stickers for adding vibrant illustrations that are a little on the silly side. The best part about these categories? They're all hand-drawn BeFunky originals, so you won't find them anywhere else!


From totally serious to absolutely silly, you’ll find all the icons, stickers, and overlays you need in our online Photo Editor. The best part? We’re constantly adding new ones so you can keep that creativity flowing.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified