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How to Design On-Brand Facebook Graphics for Your Posts

By Melanie Doncas | Designer Tutorials

While Facebook was once mainly used for sharing photos and updates with your loved ones, the platform has certainly evolved over the last couple of years. Now, Facebook posts serve as an important part of any business’ marketing strategy – whether it’s announcing a huge mid-year sale or simply telling your followers about your latest blog post. But forget mediocrity; If you want your Facebook posts to shine, they’re going to have to look awesome too.

how to design Facebook Images in BeFunky

Thankfully, BeFunky’s Facebook Post templates make it possible to design graphics that grab attention, all without you having to hire a designer or know how to use graphic design software. With drag-and-drop simplicity, you’ll have the best Facebook posts on the block! Keep reading to find out how.

When to Use Facebook Post Templates

We briefly touched on two important reasons why you might want to share a post with your audience, but let’s take a closer look at when a Facebook Post template comes in handy.

Promoting a Sale

Is there anything more exciting than holding a sale for your products or services? Your customers get to grab a bargain, while you can enjoy a boost in sales during the special promotion. It’s a win-win!

facebook post templates for promoting a sale by BeFunky

Don’t let your audience simply scroll on by though. Choose a Facebook Post template that’s bold, eye-catching, and totally on-brand to get them clicking onto your website within just seconds.

Driving Traffic to a New Blog Post

So, you’ve just spent hours, if not days, planning and perfecting your latest blog post, before finally hitting ‘publish’. Now, don’t let those efforts go to waste! Facebook has become a sea of websites promoting their latest content, but you have an ace up your sleeve.

Facebook Post Templates for Bloggers by BeFunky

Use a Facebook Post template to create a professionally designed promotional image in just minutes, and you’re sure to stand out from the pack.

Making Big Announcements

If you have a big and exciting announcement to make to your followers, then now is not the time to do so through a plain, text-based status update. Break the news to them in a more visual manner with a Facebook Post image – the more eye-catching and on-brand, the better!

Facebook post templates for businesses by BeFunky

Whether you’re opening a new store, moving your shop online, or have just released a new product line, ramp-up the excitement factor using a pre-designed Facebook Post template.

Inspiring Followers With a Photo Quote

Humans love inspiring quotes to lift them up from time-to-time, and with the recent health pandemic happening across the world, we can all do with a motivational pick-me-up.

Inspirational Quotes for Facebook by Befunky

Another bonus of creating a beautiful photo quote is that your followers will want to share it with their own audience, and so on. This ripple effect provides excellent exposure for your brand or business.

To Keep Your Feed On-Brand

These days, your branding is everything, and for good reasons too. It establishes credibility, communicates what you’re all about, and establishes familiarity and loyalty among your audience.

how to create on-brand Facebook Graphics in BeFunky

Facebook Post templates make it very easy for you to use the same or similar template layouts, as well as color schemes, fonts, and more, to keep your imagery – and feed – beautifully on-brand.

How to Customize Facebook Post Templates

Ready to learn how you can customize our Facebook Post templates for your own marketing purposes? To begin, head to BeFunky’s Graphic Designer. In the Start a Design menu that appears, expand the Social Media category and click on Facebook Posts.

Facebook Post Templates by BeFunky

Choose a template that takes your fancy, then select Use This Template to get started.

Facebook graphics by BeFunky

First up, we’re going to swap out the template’s existing image for one that suits your own business or brand. To do this, select the image with your mouse and an Image Properties toolbar will appear. From this toolbar, click Replace, then choose an image from your own Computer’s files.

how to replace image in BeFunky design template

Want to use a stock photo instead? Navigate to the Image Manager tab in the main menu to the left, followed by Search Stock Images to access BeFunky’s huge library of free-to-use images.

free stock images in BeFunky

Next, we’re going to edit the template’s existing text to represent your own message and details. To do this, simply double-click on any text box you wish to edit and begin typing. When you select a text box, you’ll also notice a Text Properties toolbar appears. From here, you can change things such as the Font, Font Size, Text Color, Spacing, and more.

how to create custom Facebook Post graphics in BeFunky

To change the color of the text, for example, click on the Text Color box and select a new color from the palette that appears. You can also use the Eyedropper tool to select a color already present in your template, or type in your specific color’s HEX Code, if you know it.

how to add text to photos for Facebook posts

You can also change the background color of your template by navigating to the Customize tab in the main menu on the left. Select a color from the available swatches or choose a custom color by clicking on the first color swatch and choosing one from the color palette that appears. Again here, you can also use the Eyedropper Tool or input a Color HEX Code to use as the background color.

how to create custom Facebook Post graphics in BeFunky

Finally, you have the option to jazz-up your Facebook Post template with some graphics, such as shapes, symbols, lines, and more. To access BeFunky’s massive library of these, just click on Graphics in the main menu to the left, followed by Search Graphics.

how to search graphics in Befunky Graphic Designer

In the Graphic Library that appears, use the search bar, Style filters, and Popular Tags to find the type of graphics you're looking for – there are hundreds to choose from! Just click on all the ones you love to add them to your workspace. You'll find them in the Your Graphics section of the Graphics tab once you close out of the Graphic Library.

free vector graphics by BeFunky

Once you’ve selected your graphics and have closed out of the Graphic Library, just drag and drop them onto your template. You'll notice that any time you have a graphic selected on your template, you're able to resize and reshape it using the blue circles and white rectangles around it. Drag it anywhere you'd like on your template, then feel free to use the Graphic Properties menu to customize it in a variety of ways. You can change the color of your graphics by selecting the square next to Color Overlay or Tint and choosing new hues, use the Options button to alter the Opacity, and more.

customizable vector graphics for Facebook Posts in BeFunky

Make any last adjustments necessary before saving your Facebook Post template. Feel free to play around with the layout by dragging elements around, edit any photo layers, or continue customizing text and graphics. When you love how your Facebook Post Graphic looks, click the Save button at the top of the page.

Customizable Facebook Post templates by BeFunky

Choose the save destination of your choice, such as your Computer, Google Drive, or even directly to your Facebook feed! We also recommend using the Save As Project option, as this allows you to save your template as an editable BeFunky file. Then, you can easily revisit it in the future and swap out the text or images for your next Facebook Post while keeping everything else on-brand.

Final Results

Who said creating eye-catching, professionally designed Facebook Posts had to be difficult? With BeFunky’s wide range of customizable templates, getting your Facebook marketing on-point is as easy as drag-and-drop!

Facebook Image templates by BeFunky

Ready to create your best Facebook Post yet? Click the link below to get started!

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