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7 Unique Fall Photoshoot Ideas to Try This Season

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

This Autumn, the leaves are exploding and the temperatures are getting chillier, which means cute, fashionable fall outfits. I don’t know about you, but these two things make for great photographs.

fall photo supporting

Sometimes you need a little inspiration for some photoshoots that you can do, especially when most of the fall photoshoot ideas have been overdone. Our goal here is to give you some unique photoshoot ideas and then it is your time to go out and capture the brilliant fall scenery. We are also going to give you some tips for how to edit these scenes throughout the article, so when you are ready to edit your photos with BeFunky’s Photo Editor, make sure to put these tips to good use!

1. Incorporate Leaves Into the Shot

Whether you are throwing them, jumping in them, or taking a stroll through them, fall leaves bring brightly lit hues to your fall photos. Find a sea of vibrant leaves and stop to take a photo op whenever possible. The season for bright fall leaves doesn't last long, so you want to be sure to time it right and be in an area of the world where the changing trees surround you.

leaves for fall photos

A great tool in the Photo Editor for getting your colors brilliant and accurate is the Vibrancy tool. This is a great tip for when you want to enhance the colors by increasing the Saturation and the overall Temperature of your image.

2. Walk Through an Apple Orchard

Not only are apple orchards great for picking up new varieties of apples for all of your fall cooking, but strolling through an orchard is a great opportunity for a fall family photo op, a couples photoshoot, or to take pictures of your children picking apples.

apples for fall photography

I love making different colors pop in my photos. When I am shooting outdoors, I like it when the green in my images is more desaturated. Being able to selectively edit your photos makes all the difference with editing. This tip is key for creating unique photo edits. To do this, I use the Erase tab in the Color Enhancement category so that I can paint over the area of my image that I want to apply the edit, without affecting the rest of the image.

3. Use Pumpkins as Props

Whether you're at the pumpkin patch or your grocery store, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up some pumpkins to use as props. Another idea is to take a trip to the pumpkin patch itself, which is also a great time to schedule some fall photos.

pumpkin photoshoot

Whether you take photos in the corn maze or pumpkin patch, the textures of fall can be seen all around these places and make for a really good photo backdrop. Enhancing textures with the Sharpen DLX tool is a great idea for making your images stand out, without overdoing it. This tool uses AI to sense the difference between the sharper and softer edges in your photo.

4. Chase Golden Hour Light

The hour before the sun sets is when golden hour lights up a scene with a brilliantly golden hue. This is especially breathtaking in the fall when the golden light illuminates leaves of every color.

golden hour fall photos

This is a great time to do a photo walkabout to capture these colors. Fall photos don’t always have to be about capturing portraits. This is a great time of year to practice your photography skills and put new ideas to practice like macro shots or landscape photography. 

I love using the Temperature adjustment to increase the warmth in my golden hour photos. Another tip is that you can also use the Color Mixer tool in order to enhance the colors in your images.

5. Capture Fall Recipes

Photography is about capturing photos of things that you love or inspire you. If the outdoors isn’t your thing, you can always opt for taking photos of the recipes you are cooking. Food photography is a great hobby to have and one that truly shines in the fall.

fall photo op food recipes

Food photography is a great way to practice your photography skills indoors and learn about composition and lighting. You don’t need a huge setup to get started. Begin small and grow as you get more involved with your hobby.

6. Take Photos on the Open Road

When the seasons change, there is something so special about taking photos on an open road. Not only can you capture the changing of the leaves in this setting, but there is something whimsical and adventuresome about capturing photos of someone walking or riding down the road. 

road trip fall photos

This idea for a shoot is for those of you who are free-spirited and is a great time to practice capturing movement with wind-swept hair and blurry-motioned scenes. Take some inspiration from other outdoor photographers to get some ideas for the kinds of shots you want to get.

7. Hike for the View

The perfect time for a hike is when the air is crisp and you get to dress in gear that is more fashion-forward rather than regular athletic gear. This can make hiking and outdoor photos look really amazing. Not only that but when you make it to your viewpoint, the landscape scenery is above par.

hiking fall leaves photo

This article has great ideas for taking landscape photography and is your guide to stunning landscape photography. There are great tips here that will really enhance your landscape photography. 

It’s Time for a Fall Photoshoot

If you need inspiration, choose one of the options above and get going on your own photoshoot. When you are ready to start editing photos, BeFunky’s Photo Editor has got you covered with tons of tools to enhance all of those fall colors.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified