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10 Fall Photo Ideas To Try This Season

By Katherine Pohl | Inspiration

Sweater weather is upon us and that's a thing to make anyone rejoice. Fall is all about glorious, russet-colored beauty, a proliferation of pumpkin and apple desserts, and turning the cozy notch up to eleven. We're partial to the vibrant tree-lined landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, but autumn is truly a global phenomenon. Wherever you are, we're here to help you experience and enjoy all this season has to offer through your camera lens.

Below is a list of some quintessential autumn photos everyone should try, plus some tips for editing them to perfection with BeFunky Photo Editor. It's the perfect way to give them that little extra touch of class, especially if you've got access to all the mind-blowing Plus features. Trust.

1. Feet In The Leaves.

This one is probably the most popular shot of the season, but the sea of vibrant leaves under one's feet is an irresistible photo op every time.

fall photography ideas by BeFunky

Pro Tip: Amplify fall's natural beauty by upping your saturation slightly (remember, overexposed=bad) in the Edit panel.

2. Colorful Reflection Shots.

It seems unbelievable that what was once lush green terrain should be transformed to an explosion of reds, yellows, and oranges, but every year, it happens.  This new variety of colors adds so much to reflection shots, which are always always a good idea.

fall photography inspiration by BeFunky

Pro Tip: To make your reflection shots stand out even more, try clicking the Beautify button in the Edit panel. This will sharpen the reflection and add a perfect dose of richness to the colors in your shot.

3. Pumpkin Everything. And Also, Pumpkins.

They’re the ultimate harbinger of fall. Whether you're at the pumpkin patch or your grocery store, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate these babies into your Fall photography.

photography ideas for fall by BeFunky

4. Golden Hour.

A very magical thing happens the hour after the sun rises and the hour before it sets. It's called Golden Hour, and it's especially breathtaking in the Fall. The crisp, foggy air makes the sun beams thick and dreamy.

autumn golden hour by BeFunky

Pro Tip: Try adding Lens Flares to your photos and get the Golden Hour effect at any time of the day. 

5. Apple Orchards.

Local apple orchards oftentimes have more varieties than you’d think possible. New hybrids are constantly being invented, and believe it or not, they all taste different. Crisp, juicy, and ready to pick (yourself, if you so choose). And also incredibly photogenic.

Local apple orchards in autumn

6. Fall-Inspired Drinks.

Yeah, Starbucks made the Pumpkin Spice Latte famous but in Portland, our coffee shops make them even more delicious and photo-worthy. Whatever your Fall drink of choice, snap away. Then sip away.

latte art photography by BeFunky

7. Autumnal Bokeh.

When you're shooting the autumn leaves, try increasing the aperture (usually f/2.8, 1.8, and 1.4 yield the best results) and focus on a single set of leaves. This will give you a magical bokeh effect in your photos! If you don't have a camera with an adjustable aperture, fear not. We have an array of Bokeh effects in our Textures tab you can add in post-process to get the look!

how to capture Bokeh with digital camera

8. The Leaf Macro.

Get up-close and personal with a leaf and its singular beauty.  No two are alike, and with the right combination of sun and rain, they create their own bright little landscape as they fall to earth.

macro photography tips by BeFunky

9. Leaf Throwing.

Want an epic action shot? Throw those leaves up in the air! Or make a pile of them and jump right in.

autumn leaves photography

Pro Tip: Leaves looking gorgeous but your photos don't match up for some reason? Fine tune your exposure with the Levels tool in the Edit panel for the crispest quality images this side of the internet.

10. Autumn Colors With Neutral Backgrounds

You know? The rustic reds, yellows, and oranges that make the season go round. They stand out way more when captured against a grey sky or white building.

editing Fall photography by BeFunky

Capture all that this ever-changing season has to offer, then enhance it with some photo editing magic. 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified