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The Top 7 Nature Photography Accounts You Should Be Following

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Nature photography has certainly evolved over the years from Ansel Adams’ black and white landscape photography to the overwhelming amount of Instagram accounts featuring popular nature photographers. Anyone can walk up to a waterfall or valley and capture a photo of the scene, but to really create a moment, something unique must be captured whether it is the piercing look an animal gives you or the ethereal view of a place on Earth.

While being able to take excellent photos without editing is truly a skill, there is something so special about editing your nature photography to better emphasize the light, colors, and emotions you experienced in real life. As amazing as cameras are at capturing these scenes, they are not as well-equipped as our natural eye is at seeing these kinds of details. For that, we have BeFunky’s Photo Editor to bring out these features to showcase nature and wildlife in its best light.

Here’s our list of the seven nature photography accounts that you should be following:

1. Earth (@earth)

Where else to start other than with an account fully dedicated to Earth? If you are looking for breathtaking photos of some of the most incredible places on Earth, this is the account for you. From unique angles of the Pyramids of Giza to dusky, sun-kissed dunes, this account truly boasts about Earth in all of its incredible ways.

earth nature insta

Take a look at their recent Instagram Feed and tell me this is not an account you want to follow strictly for its curation and beauty. There are more landscape and natural land texture shots compared to wild animals, but I vote for putting a little more of this on your Feed. 

2. BBC Earth (@bbcearth)

An account reminiscent of David Atteborough’s narrative in most wildlife documentaries, BBC Earth. BBC Earth has been around since 2015 and seeks to educate people about wildlife, sustainability, nature, space, and our planet. 

BBC earth nature insta

If you want to follow an account that produces some of the most colorful and natural encounters with both wildlife and nature, this is the account for you. The shots they feature are genuinely breathtaking.

3. National Geographic (@natgeo)

Truly a classic, National Geographic is great because it features a ton of wildlife and nature photographers throughout their Feed. If you are wanting to find some incredible photographers to follow, this is a great account to start with.

Nat Geo nature insta

The other thing is they include a ton of really neat statistics and facts about wildlife and nature throughout their posts. They place a huge emphasis on sustainability and nature conservation, which focuses on protecting natural resources and wildlife from extinction as you can see with this bee photo above. Not only will this account inspire your photography, but also your environmentalism.

4. Female Nature Photography (@femalenaturephotography)

This account features incredible women photographers from around the world. You’ll notice that once you get into nature photography, you do not see a lot of female representation. If you are an aspiring female wildlife photographer or simply want to support this cause, check this account out.

female nature insta

A prestigious award from the WPY contest can do a great deal for boosting the career of any wildlife photographer. But in the competition’s 57 years, women have won the overall title only four times (and one shared it with her partner). This is an important article to read: "Why Are There So Few Female Wildlife Photographers?

When you see a female wildlife photographer’s work, it is truly a unique and special thing and deserves some recognition because they are truly paving a path for future female wildlife photographers.

5. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

If you know much about wildlife photography, you will know this name. This nature photographer has had his photos featured on the covers of National Geographic Adventure, Surfer Magazine, and The New Yorker.

Chris nature insta

His account features landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel subjects. He takes a photo-journalistic approach to photography and that is why he is able to capture such captivating and emotional imagery. He showcases people and places that are rich with stories. If you want to follow an account that is just fun and enjoyable to read, this is the one.

6. Beautiful Destinations (@beautifuldestinations)

As the name suggests, following this account will give you tons of imagery showcasing beautiful destinations from around the world. The great thing about this account is that they advocate for sustainable tourism. Featuring up-and-coming or amateur nature photographers, the photos on their Feed show some amazingly magical destinations.

beautiful destinations nature insta

7. Wilderness Culture (@wildernessculture)

Like the account above, Wilderness Culture is a feature account with an equally impressive spread. A community of outdoor enthusiasts, featuring bright, colorful, otherworldly imagery, and a mission to inspire outdoor adventure while advocating for wilderness preservation. The photos featured on this account will make you want to screenshot some new phone backgrounds. 

wilderness nature insta

Follow Nature Photography Accounts for Inspiration

Following any of the accounts above will give you the kind of inspiration you need on your Instagram Feed. Not only can you gain inspiration, but you can use these accounts in order to help you get more connected with a community of like-minded individuals, enjoy the same hobbies, and fight for the same causes. Once you are done adventuring, take your photos and edit them with BeFunky’s Photo Editor in order to bring out the same color and richness you see in these photographs. 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified