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Editing Tips For Better #OOTD Photos

By Kelsey Wilburn | Inspiration

As a fashion blogger, I take photos of my outfits and then share them on social media on a regular (if not daily) basis. When I first started writing my blog, I struggled to learn the ropes of flattering and effective outfit photos.

I used to come back from a photo session and find I'd forgotten to showcase a full body look or a details shot. Years of practice have definitely honed my posing, photography, and editing skills and there's definitely a formula to it! Here's how I used BeFunky to master the art of the perfect OOTD.

1. Take High Quality Photos - Edit Contrast, Brightness & Sharpness

outfit of the day

If you are able, take photos with your DSLR, and when reviewing them on the photo editor, edit the brightness, contrast, and sharpness. I always like this triple threat as it accents the clothing and detail shots and makes your photos look more professional.

2. Straighten & Crop

Edit Your OOTD Photos

Unless you have hours to spend setting up your shot, you'll likely get some crooked photos and bad crops in your straight out of the camera shots. Nothing looks worse than a crooked horizon or photo where your chin is cropped out! In the before photo above, the lines in the garage door behind me throw off the entire shot. Instead of noticing the outfit, you're more likely to notice the angle of the shot.

3. Apply Bright Filters That Bring Out Detail

Easy Edit Your LOTD photos

If you're wearing a dark outfit, many layers, or taking photos in the winter/indoors, you will lose a lot of outfit detail. The naked eye can see many more shines, sparkles and contrasts than the camera and an uploaded image can.

For the photos above, I used the BeFunky Chromatic 4 and 5 filters and lowered their intensity just a bit. I see a lot more richness to the blacks, brightness to the whites, and tones in my hair in the edited images. Filters do wonders for #OOTD shots!

What are your favorite ways to edit your #OOTD photos? Share on the comments or tag your photos with #OOTDBeFunky on Instagram!


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