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Easy Twisted Ponytail Tutorial

By Kelsey Wilburn | Inspiration

We all have them in our lives - those people that always look effortless, polished, and inspired. They have mastered make-up that looks "barely there," never sport a wrinkle on any blouse, and have rotating hairstyles that look expert. For someone that's normally prey to whatever the humidity decides, I am in constant envy of anyone that can braid successfully or create a sock bun with no fly-aways.

Seriously, how does one get rid of fly-aways?!
Woman with a ponytail

As I'm usually getting ready before sunrise (in about twenty minutes or less), rushing out the door, walking to work (in any weather), I don't have a lot of time to create elaborate braids or use an arsenal of products to keep my hair in place. I need quick solutions that work on freshly cleaned, or one-day old hair. I don't want to have to straighten or curl before I even start on a hairstyle.

Today, in keeping with a busy life, I have a quick, effortless twisted ponytail tutorial made with the BeFunky Designer for you that works fantastically on un-styled, messy, and one-day old hair! No need for any tools but a hair tie! Read on for steps.

Easy twisted ponytail tutorial

 This twisted pony is so simple a kid can do it!

1-2  Tie your hair into a low pony at the base of your neck with a hair tie.
3. Create a hole above the tie just big enough to feed your ponytail through.
4. Twist the pony tail up and through the hole you just created.
5-6 Pull it tight and pin any loose ends with bobby pins!

Twisted Pony tail tutorial2

Speaking of those effortless people - the barista at the coffee shop next to my workplace always has gorgeous hair. She gets up and starts work before 6 a.m. and wears this beautiful french braid up-do. When I asked her the other day (in between vanilla latte sips) for advice on how to master hairstyles, she suggested Pinterest.

She said that she'll spend Sunday afternoons in front of the TV just practicing multi-step tutorials on Pinterest. Easy, less of a commitment than Youtube Tutorials (video pause and play), and made by real people with real hair problems (fly-aways!).

Let me know in the comments what's the most difficult hairstyle you've come across, and remember, no hairstyle is impossible!

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