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Summer Wedding Style Tips

By Kelsey Wilburn | Inspiration

It's time. Summer weddings are upon us for the remainder of the summer and into the early fall. I have a few friends that are going to ELEVEN weddings this summer. Eleven. That's eleven different outfits you need to come up with for five hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Because as we all know, weddings are places where hashtags reign and there are forever-photos taken of guests on and off the dance floor. You can't be spotted tagged in the same dress for eleven different weddings, so here are a few photo editing tips using BeFunky to help make any dress in your closet wedding-worthy again.


1. Buy clothing that can double as work attire in the summer. This pink dress works fantastically for a wedding because it's strappy, lightweight, and isn't white. But it's also remix-able in my closet! Paired with a blazer, a boucle jacket, or a buttoned up cardigan, this makes an appropriate summer or spring work outfit!

Pro Tip: Liven up your color by heading over to the Edit bar in the Photo Editor and then adjusting your saturation to help make that dress really pop.


2. When in doubt, go for a maxi dress. Maxi dresses always look pretty formal, regardless of the fabric or print. There's something about a breezy maxi that looks romantic and flowy and can work perfectly for a wedding. Try a maxi in a silkier fabric or chiffon for a more upscale or evening wedding.


Pro Tip:  Lighting less than stellar? Get the perfect amount of light every time by using the glorious Auto Enhance button.

3. Florals never look out of place. I've always struggled with wanting to look perfectly dressed for a wedding, but it's hard without a formal dress code. Who knows if there will be a BBQ food truck, lawn games, and hot weather? What about a high-end plated dinner? You don't want to cross a line and look like a bridesmaid, but you also don't want to look like you stumbled across the wedding after a day at the lake. Florals always achieve a pretty summer vibe and are often not used in bridesmaid dresses.


Pro Tip: To draw attention to a specific detail, try cropping just that segment. This makes the important part of the image stand out more in your mind (and gives some much needed love to your shoes, too!)

4. Remix your outfit with awesome accessories. Need to take a garden wedding dress to a wow-worthy piece for a fashionable bride's wedding and don't have time for a new dress? Add a pair of fantastic heels, a big piece of jewelry, or do your hair in a new style. Any of these items can kick your look up a notch without requiring a new dress!

All that's left is to buy your gift and some sunscreen! Enjoy this summer's nuptials by editing your wedding photos to perfection:


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