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Inspiration: Summer Style

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Lo and behold—it’s that time of year again: summer time, that is! There’s so much to love about summer we couldn’t possibly hope to capture all of it here (though some highlights include ice cream, the feeling of sand in between your toes, s’mores, deliciously refreshing drinks, picnics, campouts...and so much more!).


Summer’s not only about all the epic nature and delicious foods, though (we know, it’s hard to believe). Rather, summer’s also a time to let your creativity run wild, to let your hair down and go where the wind takes you—and if that happens to be on some majestic adventure, all the better!

Like most superheroes, a majestic adventure isn’t quite right without an equally magical outfit to pair it with, so we’re rounding up all of our favorite summer looks for everyone out there—we hope you’ll find them as inspirational (and cute!) as we do.


Lace is the stuff summery dreams are made of. We’re all about dreamy vintage prints like this one that let you show off some color--because flowers are the best accessory a girl can have after all.

Colorful print tee + jeans = comfy cute heaven
Photo credit: fauxfawn

Speaking of flowers, we also happen to be head over heels for these gorgeous flower crowns:


We also think it’s perfectly acceptable to keep flowers fresh forever with a rockin' manicure:


Cute swimwear is definitely a must, too:


And let’s not forget about cute shorts:

pink shorts

Hats are also definitely your friend.

Photo credit: fauxfawn
Photo credit: fauxfawn
Photo credit: fauxfawn
Photo credit: fauxfawn

What inspires you this summer? Share your best style tips and more with us in the comments below.

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