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5 Photo Tips To Boost Your Etsy Sales

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

Your Etsy shop is a labor of love. Your products are amazing, your reviews average at five stars and you’ve been promoting your shop like crazy. But lately it seems like there’s been more labor and less love for your wallet, so what gives? Odds are your pictures aren’t drawing in enough customers. Try these foolproof photo tips to show your products in their best light.

1. Show Your True Colors


Photo credit: Etsy oliki

First things first, get the color of your product right. We don’t want another “The Dress” incident, do we? (Sorry to bring that up.) Stick to soft, natural lighting and avoid stark, bright lights whether they’re fluorescent bulbs or the sun at high noon. Easy enough.

BeFunky Tip: If the color does turn out a little wonky, adjust the warmth or coolness of the image with BeFunky’s Hue feature.

2. Skip The Flash


(Photo credit: Etsy RachelleD)

Nothing can ruin an image in a flash like, well, a flash. To get shine in all the right places, diffuse the light by draping a translucent sheet of fabric between the light source and the object. It’s what the pros do on the cheap. For more DIY diffusing tips, head here.

BeFunky Tip: Use the Fill Light feature to balance out any dark light.

3. Snap Different Angles

Photograph Etsy Vintage

(Photo credit:
Etsy Shop: DeniseBrain)

Your vintage dress has a story to tell, and you can’t get the full story of the whimsical lace and ruffles from just one angle. Pictures from different sides give your customers a glimpse as to how it would look on them. Stunning!

BeFunky Tip: Create a collage for a side-by-side comparison of different angles of your product.

4. Capture Every Detail


(Photo credit: Etsy Shop BeachTreasures)

It’s the little things that count, so do your handicraft a favor: don’t zoom in with your camera or phone lens. You worked too hard to stitch that pillow by hand just for it to get blurry. Just step up as close to the item as possible and use the macro setting.

BeFunky Pro Tip: The Sharpen feature brings out the details that macro can’t.

5. Shoot For Scale


(Photo credit: Etsy FeatherAndIndigo)

Just how big your product really? Will your painting fit on a desk or will it take up the entire wall? Listing its dimensions doesn’t give the full scope to your customers, so be sure to include everyday items in the composition that actually show how big or small your masterpiece is.

BeFunky Pro Tip: Too much excess space? Crop it out! Try these tricks when you're using BeFunky's mobile app.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified