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How to Create Custom Spotify Playlist Covers

By Sarah Foster | Designer Tutorials

Part of the fun in creating a playlist of your favorite hits is creating a playlist cover to go with it – and thankfully, Spotify has made it possible to add your own cover art to any playlist. Whether you’re feeling happy or sad, confident, or focused, it’s easier than ever to gather all the tracks that fit your feelings.

With BeFunky’s Graphic Designer, you can create a Spotify playlist cover as unique as your musical tastes.

How to Design a Custom Playlist Cover

Get started by opening the Graphic Designer and navigating to the Blank Canvas section to input the size of canvas you are going to use. Spotify requires playlist covers to be 300px by 300px. After you input that, click Create to start creating your own cover!

spotify playlist cover blank canvas

Step 1: Add and Edit Your Image

If you want to add an image to your album cover, navigate to the Image Manager tab on the left side of the canvas. You can upload your own photo by dragging it and dropping it into the image manager, or selecting the Computer button. If you have an idea of an image you want to use, you can search BeFunky’s Stock Photo Library for what you had in mind. Next, drag and drop the image into the canvas. 

spotify playlist cover upload images

The Image Properties menu will populate, where you are able to Edit the photo, adjust the placement of the image, and make the photo smaller or larger with the blue dots in the corner. For this tutorial, we used the Glitch effect. 

spotify playlist cover image properties

Step 3: Add a Playlist Title 

Click on the Text tab to add your playlist title to your cover image. You can use a preset text patch that pairs a few of our fonts together for your design, or click the Add Text button and search for your own font. Come up with something witty for your title, or go with just a simple and bold explanation of what is on the playlist. 

spotify playlist cover add text

Step 4: Insert Graphics 

Under the Graphics tab, click the Search Graphics button to explore our extensive Graphics Library for the right fit for your playlist cover.

Spotify playlist cover graphics

Select any graphics you’d like to add, then close the graphics menu. Your selected graphics will appear in the library on the right and you can drag and drop them onto your image from here. 

spotify playlist cover graphics

When you select a graphic that has been dropped onto your canvas, the Graphic Properties menu will populate. Here you can change the color of your graphics and make other changes to your graphics. 

spotify playlist cover graphic properties

Step 5: Save Your Custom Spotify Playlist Cover

Once you are happy with how your cover has turned out, you need to save it. Click the Save button at the top of your canvas, and save the final product to your desired save location. 

spotify playlist cover save

Final Results

Take a look at how cool your new Spotify playlist cover looks! Completely customize your playlist covers with ease in the Graphic Designer. All that's left is to add it to your playlist in the app!

spotify playlist cover final result

Get Inspired to Create Your Own Spotify Playlist Covers

If you need a little more inspiration to create your own playlist covers, we have you covered with three of our favorite playlist themes to create covers for. 

Road Trips

The quintessential time to curate a playlist is when you are planning a road trip –whether it is a day trip to the mountains or a cross-country road trip with your best friends. Queue up your favorite songs to sing along with and be sure to add a playlist cover that reflects the vibe of where you are headed. 

spotify playlist cover roadtrip

Girls' Night

Getting ready for a night out on the town, or a night in with a bottle of rosé with your girls, is a great time to throw on a playlist of perfectly picked music. When it comes to a girls' night playlist, songs that transform a hairbrush into a microphone are the winners. 

spotify playlist cover girls night

Hits by the Decade

Every decade of music has its own unique sound, it is a must to create a unique playlist cover for each. From the tiny glasses of the 2000s to the records spinning of the ‘80s, find what makes the decade special and add it to your playlist cover. 

spotify playlist cover decades

Start Creating Custom Spotify Covers for Every Playlist

Creating the perfect playlist cover is as easy as can be with the BeFunky Graphic Designer. With this inspiration and 5 simple steps, you can be on your way to making a playlist cover that is as flawless as the music it was made for. 

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