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5 Ways to Make Your Photos Look Steampunk

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

Steampunk is a term used to describe a genre of science fiction writing, but it also is synonymous with a very eclectic style of fashion. This fashion movement grew in the ’80s and ’90s, and includes mixing clothing from different eras and customizing it with things found at second-hand stores. Corsets and accessories made out of brass – mainly goggles and gears – are trademarks of the fashion aesthetic. Pulling from the Victorian era, many individuals in the steampunk community complete their outfits with hats such as top hats or bowler hats! 

There are many ways to make your images fit the Steampunk aesthetic, we have 5 of our favorite ways to make your images Steampunk with the help of the BeFunky Photo Editor

5 Ways to Achieve the Steampunk Aesthetic

These five ways to achieve a Steampunk aesthetic are simple and easy to do but can help your image embrace the Steampunk vibe. 

1. Create a Layered Effect

After you upload the photo you want to use to BeFunky, you can search the stock photos to find different images to layer over your photo. We suggest using images with a transparent background, and there are some perfect options when you search Steampunk in stock photos! You can also create a double exposure effect if you want your layers to blend more.

steampunk layered image

2. Add a Texture to Your Image

By using the Texture Tab, you can select many different types of textures that make your image stand out, but to achieve the vintage quality that the Steampunk aesthetic is known for, we chose the Scratches option! Play around with the texture that best fits your image, and make sure to explore the slider for the intensity of the texture applied. 

steampunk texture 2

3. Apply a Tin Type Effect

The Tin Type effect will make your image look aged in just a few clicks. By adding a darkened border and muted colors, this effect simulates the unique printing method of classic tintype photography.

steampunk effects

4. Find a Frame That Fits

BeFunky has several digital frames that align with the Steampunk look the best are the Vintage frames! These add the extra intricate detailing around the edge of your image so they feel like they have been handcrafted. Click through the settings box after you select a frame to adjust the opacity to fit your image the best!

steampunk frames

5. Apply an Artsy Effect

To follow the love of antiques, using an Artsy effect like Underpainting is a cool way to turn your image into a vintage piece of art! It looks like it is handpainted and straight out of a Steampunk genre book! Play around with the settings on this one too, you can adjust the intensity of the effect with the sliders, or change the sharpness or softness! 

steampunk artsy

Steampunk Your Photos Today!

With these five tips, you can make the Steampunk image of your dreams! Try out combining different tips to get a more unique photo. Layering different photos together, and adding a frame with the Tin Type effect would be a perfect combo that epitomizes Steampunk. Get started on your Steampunk image by clicking here!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified