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4 Amazing Effects For Winterizing Your Photos

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Winters at BeFunky HQ tend to be dreary ones. Occasionally, we’ll get a picturesque blanket of snow (after which the entire city shuts down because inclement weather is so rare), but for the most part the weather just gets colder and rainier. One thing is for sure though; true Winter weather is a sight to behold! And you better believe that when it comes, everyone is whipping out their cameras to capture the perfection.

gloomy winter weather photography with BeFunky

Whether you live in a place that looks like a snow globe all the time or you’re just wanting to enhance the gloomy Winter photography you’re working with, we here at BeFunky have a little something for everyone to create the perfect photo in our Photo Editor. Allow us to introduce you to our Winter photo effects! They make it easy to add the appearance of Winter weather to your photos in just a few clicks, even if you're lacking in the snow department in real life. We'll show you how to fake it till you make it. 

Add Snow To Your Photos

Taking a less-than-snowy shot and adding some realistic looking snowfall is amazingly easy with BeFunky. First, upload a photo into BeFunky Photo Editor and click on the Effects tab (the star icon). You'll find a huge library of photo filters and effects to use on all kinds of photography, but for the cold weather stuff, scroll all the way to the bottom of the Effects categories and click on Winter.

winter effects for photography by BeFunky

Under the Winter effects category, you’ll find some beautiful effects that will add the look of Winter weather to your photos. To add that snowfall to your photo, simply click on Winter 2. You can adjust the amount of the effect using the sliding scale, or click the Settings Menu (mixing board icon) to use these winter photo effects selectively using the Paint Mode option. Look at that snow coming down!

Add snow to photo by BeFunky

When you’ve reached the desired look, click the checkmark to apply it. See how the Winter 2 effect transforms this setting into a Winter wonderland? 

add snow falling in an image with BeFunky
winter photography ideas by BeFunky



Turn Down The Temperature  

The season of Winter is typically marked by the cooler, gloomy colors in the landscape. When coated with a layer of frost or ice, even the most vibrant colors in nature become dulled - but the lack of color can be beautiful! If you're looking to tone down the colors in your photography for some serious Winter chill, just click on Winter 1 in the Winter Effects category. This one’s designed to give your photos a little frostbite in the best way. 

how to edit winter weather in BeFunky

Once you’ve selected Winter 1, you'll notice that the saturation decreases and the surfaces in your photo look like they have a layer of frost. The cooler tones suggest that the air is thin and cold, and the slight frosty texture suggests that it's a semi-frozen landscape. Adjust the sliding scale until you get just the right amount of cool-toned goodness, then click the green checkmark to apply the effect.

winter photo effects in BeFunky

It’s really as simple as that! See how this effect adds the look of frost to the surfaces in the photo?

how to add winter weather to photos in BeFunky
photography ideas for winter reflections



Enhancing Already-Picturesque Winter Weather

Maybe you live in a place where it snows in feet instead of inches, and you consistently get the quintessential Winter wonderland shot. You're probably sick of snow by the end of the season, but one can't deny how photogenic a fresh blanket of snow can be! Even when the weather forecast is just right and you've got the perfect scene right in your backyard, there is plenty of editing magic that can make your Winter shots even better! Here are some favorite photo effects in BeFunky:

Cooler Effects

In the Effects tab, you’ll find a couple options in a category called Cooler. These add a little blue-tone to your photos that make everything look a little more frigid - perfect for your snow-laden photos that showcase a lot of white and grey tones.

how to edit photos of snow in BeFunky

Choosing a Cooler effect adds in blues that intensify the Winter weather and gives your photo a bit more emotional pull.

how to edit colors in photos with BeFunky

Remember, too much of a good thing can be, well, bad. Make good use of that sliding scale to apply just the right amount of effect. The sweet spot will be to make it look like you took the photo at blue hour (you know, that magic hour before the sun comes up or after it goes down where everything seems to be tinged with blue? It's a thing). 

how to edit photos of snow in BeFunky
winter photography



Black And White Filters

Sometimes, the opposite effect is quite lovely. Instead of adding color to your Winter photography, choosing a classic Black And White effect can add drama and intrigue. You’ll find the Black And White photo filters in the Effect tab as well.

how to turn a colored photo black and white in BeFunky

There are eight Black and White effects to choose from, each using a different calibration of exposure and highlighting so you can really get the look you want. Here’s an example of a photo we’ve enhanced with Black and White 4, which brightens the white areas of the photo and has an overall high contrast.

free black and white photo filters in BeFunky

Winter weather is typically gloomy by nature, and sometimes a good Black and White effect can add drama in a good way to make the scene look more compelling. Filters like these work well for photos with high contrast, which is perfect for scenes with brighter elements like snow and darker elements like trees and roads.

which photos work best with black and white filters
winter photo editing in BeFunky



Experimenting With Photo Effects

One of the beautiful things about BeFunky is there’s no limit to how many effects you can add to your photo! That means you can layer effects to your heart’s content. If you want to add effects to only a portion of your photo, you can click the Settings Menu of the selected effect (looks like a mixing board icon) and choose Paint to your selection onto parts of your photo instead of applying it to the whole thing. You can use the Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the Photo Editor to compare and contrast effects. The sky is really the limit, so don’t be afraid to experiment and get a little creative!  

editing photos of winter weather with BeFunky

May the odds of perfect Winter weather be ever in your favor.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified