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How to Add and Manage Your Fonts in BeFunky

By Whitney | What’s New

When it comes to adding text to photos and designs, font selection is everything. Sure, things like letter spacing and color scheme are big decisions, but they all seem to hinge on your font choice. Totally agree? Well we’ve got incredible news for all you font fanatics out there: we’ve added some major upgrades to make your font library bigger and more customized than ever before! We’re talking easier ways to add your favorite fonts from your computer, the ability to access and add Google Fonts (and there are hundreds, y’all!), and new ways to organize them into your own curated font collection - all without ever leaving BeFunky!

Whether you’re in the Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Graphic Designer, you’ll find everything you need for font greatness anytime you use the Text tool. Choose from our vast list of hand-picked fonts and add any of them to your favorites for quick access. If you want to add new fonts to your collection and truly build the font library of your dreams, being a BeFunky Plus member is all it takes! Not only will you be able to add Google Fonts in a single click, drag-and-drop your own font files, and access your perfectly curated font library from any computer, you’ll get all the tools and features that make your creative workflow more seamless than ever! Plus member or not, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about adding and managing fonts in BeFunky.

A New Way to Manage Your Fonts

Whenever you’re working with text layers on your projects, you’ll see a Text Properties toolbar appear to let you customize fonts, letter spacing, color schemes, and more. This toolbar may look exactly the same as before, but now there’s a treasure trove of font options hidden inside! Just click on the Font Name to see what we’re talking about. 

how to add text to photos in BeFunky

The Choose a Font menu shows all of our hand-picked fonts, plus any that you’ve added to the collection. The Search Fonts field will help you find fonts by name. 

how to search fonts in BeFunky

Hovering over a font name with an arrow next to it will now show all the different font weights available. Click through the different weight options to see what looks best with your project in real time. And whenever you find a font you love, you can mark it as a Favorite by hovering over the font name and clicking the star outline.

how to add a font to favorites in BeFunky

To view all the fonts you’ve marked as a favorite, click the Star icon next to the Search Fonts field. Adding fonts to your Favorites is the perfect way to build a hand-picked collection of fonts for quick access! 

how to access favorite fonts in BeFunky

The Plus icon is where all the power of adding new fonts to your library lives. Once you click on it, you’ll see a Manage Your Fonts menu with options to add fonts from your computer, import Google Fonts, and manage all your new additions in one convenient place.

how to manage fonts in BeFunky

We’ll show you how to easily add all the fonts you want in the next sections!

How to Add Google Fonts

There are hundreds of Google Fonts in existence, and now they’re all available to you in BeFunky. To access them, head to the Manage Your Fonts menu by clicking the Plus (+) icon from the Choose a Font menu. Then, click the Import From Google Fonts button. 

how to add Google Fonts in BeFunky

Since there are so many Google Fonts to choose from, you can use the Search bar to find a font by name or select any filters to narrow your results. You can filter Google Fonts by Categories (serif, sans serif, etc.), Thickness (or font weight), and even Language

how to filter search terms for Google Fonts in BeFunky

Whenever you see a Google Font you love, click the + icon next to the font name to add it to your library in a single click! Any Google Font you’ve already added will have a checkmark instead of a + icon. 

how to add Google Fonts to BeFunky Graphic Designer

Notice that any Google Font you add will automatically include all of the available font weights, so you don’t have to check each font weight one by one. So easy! 

how to add Google Font weights in BeFunky

How to Add Fonts From Your Computer

In that same Manage Your Fonts menu, you’ll be able to add any font stored on your computer by choosing the Add From Computer option. 

how to add fonts from Computer in BeFunky

Once you select it, you can simply drag-and-drop any .TTF or .OTF font file to instantly upload it, or click the upload link to find the file on your computer. When the font name appears in the Add From Computer window, click the blue Upload Fonts button to complete the process. 

how to upload your own fonts in BeFunky

You may be wondering how to locate your downloaded font files on your Computer, and that’s a totally valid wonderment. On a Mac, you can locate your fonts in FontBook, and on Windows, the default location of your fonts will be in your Font Folder. From these locations, it’s best to add your favorite fonts to a designated file on your Computer for easier access. 

how to install a font on your Computer

To add your own fonts to BeFunky, you’ll need to ensure that any font files you’ve downloaded have been fully installed on your Computer (they don’t automatically install). To check, open the font on your Computer double-clicking on the file, and press the Install button in the new window that appears. Once you click that Install button, you should be able to successfully drag-and-drop the font file into BeFunky and add it to your library!

How to Build Your Collection of Favorite Fonts 

Once you’ve added all your ideal fonts, they’ll be instantly mixed into your font library in BeFunky. Combined with our list of hand-picked fonts, the library can end up being quite robust. That’s where our Font Search and organization tools come in handy! To find any font you’ve added, simply type its name into the Search Fonts field of the Choose of Font menu.

search for fonts in BeFunky

To curate your very own list of favorite fonts for quick access, simply click on the star outline next to any font name. It will instantly be added as a favorite. Repeat the process for every font you want on the favorites list! 

how to favorite a font in beFunky

Once you’ve starred all your favorites, click the Star icon in the Choose a Font menu to open your list of Favorites. This way, every time you’re working on a project, you can quickly access your own font collection without having to sift through the entire library. 

how to build your own font library in BeFunky

Pretty amazing, right? With all of these font options at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to get the look you want when working with text in your projects! There’s no limit to how many fonts you can add or favorite, so feel free to go crazy. And since BeFunky is the only Creative Platform that will allow you to add fonts like this, consider us your secret weapon for adding text to photos and designing the way you want!

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