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2 Ways To Add Your Own Fonts In BeFunky

By Whitney DePaoli | What’s New

You might have noticed a little change to our Text tool when we rolled out the newest version of our Creative Platform. Don’t be alarmed, because it’s actually more intuitive than ever! While you might not see the Ours and Yours tabs when you’re selecting a font, you’ll still be able to easily add and access the unique fonts you’ve got stored on your Computer. That includes any fonts you’ve downloaded and installed to your Computer.

With a brand new interface for our Text tool, including a Font Search bar and new drag-and-drop functionality for adding fonts, we wanted to show you the easiest ways to add the fonts you love and easily access them for your projects. Whether you’re in the Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Graphic Designer, you’ll not only have access to our vast list of hand-picked fonts, but your own collection of favorites as well. Let us show you how it’s done!

Find And Install Your Favorite Fonts

First thing’s first, you’ll need to locate the fonts you’ve got stored on your Computer to find the exact name and whether or not it’s been officially installed. It’s best to start a file on your Computer to keep all of your fonts in one place. On a Mac, you can locate your fonts in FontBook, and on Windows, the default location of your fonts will be in your Font Folder. From these locations, add your favorite fonts to a designated file on your Computer for easier access (and to be able to drag-and-drop them into BeFunky. We’ll get to that part in a bit).

how to install fonts on your computer

If you’ve just downloaded a font, but haven’t officially clicked the install button, you might not be able to find it when searching the Font list in BeFunky. This is an easy fix, as you’ll just need to locate the font on your Computer, double-click on the file, and press the Install button in the new window that appears. Once you click that Install button, you should be able to find your font when using the Font Search bar in BeFunky’s Text tool by typing the full name of the font. If it doesn’t appear, look for any typos and make sure that the name you’re typing matches the name of the actual font file.

Drag-And-Drop To Add Your Fonts

To take full advantage of BeFunky’s new drag-and-drop capabilities, you can now simply drag and drop your font files into the interface in our Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, or Collage Maker! To do this, make sure you’ve got your font properly installed as we’ve detailed in the previous section. Then, open your Computer’s Finder window and locate the font file.

Click on BeFunky’s Text tab and select the Add Text button. Drag-and-drop the font file from your computer’s Finder window into the interface and you’ll see a window appear that says you’ve successfully added the font.

how to drag and drop to add fonts in BeFunky

In the Text Properties toolbar, use the Font Search to type the name of your font and you’ll be able to click it from the dropdown to start using it.

how to find fonts in BeFunky

The coolest thing about the new BeFunky is that it will remember the fonts you’ve added so you’ll be able to access and use your favorites forever! There's no limit to how many you can add, so feel free to go crazy. And BeFunky is the only Creative Platform that will allow you to add your own fonts, so consider us your secret weapon for adding text to photos and designing the way you want!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified