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Poster Designs That Draw In The Crowds

By Nikki | Inspiration

Ahh, Summer is upon us! That means it’s finally time to dust off those shorts and tank tops, gather up your friends and host some epic events! But before you do, consider how you’re going to get the word out about these epic, memory-making events. To help step up your event planning and advertising, you should give BeFunky’s Designer Toolset's Poster Maker a try. It has everything you need to create astounding Summer posters for your next BBQ, family reunion, graduation party, concert or any other Summer blowout you can dream of. Just read below and find out how it can help you effortless poster design to create professional-looking posters for all of your Summer event needs!

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Plan Events Like a Pro

The most important thing about creating stellar Summer posters making sure you have a goal in mind for them. If you are advertising your businesses summer blowout sale, you want to make sure that you create a poster that communicates that effectively to your target audience, and draws new customers to your business.

Is your band playing in an exciting summer festival? Draw in the crowds by making an awesome summer band poster with our poster creator and sharing it all over social media. Post it on your band’s Facebook page, share it across the interwebs via Twitter and Instagram and plaster is across your city to grab the attention of potential fans.

Planning an elegant and entertaining graduation party? Use BeFunky’s Poster Maker to create an engaging layout, and then create a poster design that reflects the way you want your party to feel. You will be celebrating years of hard work and a bright future, and you want your poster to show that in any way possible!

Get to Know the Poster Maker

The Poster Maker templates are in the Event Graphics section of the Designer, located under the Posters tab. Here, you’ll find a range of templates for different events. Throwing a dance party? Template number 2 will get all your friends grooving. Having friends over for dinner? Template number 3 will get your guests salivating for a good meal. Is your business having a seasonal sale? Template number 5 will send the shoppers straight to your store. But keep in mind, all of our templates are fully customizable and can be used for just about any type of event!

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Pro Tip: To create posters of different sizes, you can always select our Blank Templates from the Event Graphics menu.

Picture-Perfect Posters

Finding the right picture to use for your event posters is effortless with Pixabay. The photo site is integrated directly into BeFunky's poster creator and offers thousands of photos, helping to ensure you find the perfect background photo for any event you’re advertising. Simply go to the Image Manager section to the left of the designer, select Pixabay and search until you find the perfect photo.

If you already have a photo in mind for your posters, you can upload it directly into the Designer. But before you do, take your image over to our Photo Editor and spruce it up with some simple editing tools, such as Sharpen, Beautify or Exposure. You can also have a little fun with effects like the Cartoonizer, or our innovative new Lens Flare effects that are perfect for brightening your summer photos! If you're looking for something simpler look, you can use a background color as the base of your poster instead. Now, you have the base of your summer event poster!

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Pro Tip: Use a background photo that offers generous amounts of clean space to help make your text easy to read.

Make Your Posters Stand Out

Once you have the background for your poster just right, add the details about your event using the text editor. Keep in mind that your viewers will only see your posters as they’re walking by, so it’s important to grab their attention right off the bat. Try coming up with a catchy headline that thoroughly explains the purpose of your event. Then, add all the details about your event. When you're ready, you can adjust the Size, Font, and Color.

After adding text, take a stroll over to BeFunky’s Design Elements section to add a little oomph. Here you will find everything you need to make your posters pop, from simple design elements such as arrows, lines and ribbons, to more specific elements such as ornaments, food graphics and whimsical illustrations. Try the ribbon or frame graphics to draw attention to your text, or the illustrations and ornament graphics to add a pop of color. But really, the possibilities are endless!

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Pro Tip: Keep your text short, sweet and to-the-point.

Final Results

With the help of BeFunky's Poster Maker, you can effortlessly create custom, professional-looking posters for any Summer event!

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Create Posters That Draw a Crowd

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