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The Most Popular Interior Design Trends of 2023

By Isabelle | Inspiration

It seems like the interior design trends of the new decade are finally finding their footing in 2023. Gone are the days of minimalism, harsh lines, smooth surfaces, and monochromatic grays. 2023 is all about maximalism, color, earthiness, and texture. 

While revamping your interior design may be harder than, say, changing up your closet, there are plenty of ways to incorporate new design trends into your existing home. You can paint your walls, thrift furniture, replace hardware, add new statement pieces, and more. If you’re feeling intimidated, you can start with our article on how to plan a room or our favorite interior design tips

One thing to remember is that to update your home, you don’t need to change your entire space to fit in with what’s popular. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 of the most popular interior design trends today so that you can decide which ones really speak to you. Then, you can use the Collage Maker to create an inspiration board that will help you redesign your space!

1. Natural Colors

Colors inspired by nature are going to dominate the next few years. Earth tones are coming back in a big way, especially creams, mauves, and terracottas, but don’t forget about ocean and sky tones, too! Deep midnight blues and soft teals fit seamlessly with a natural color palette. Another option is mixing leafy green colors with soft whites and browns. Check out our article on creating color palettes for some inspiration on how to mix and match these popular hues. 

natural colors design trend

Painting a room is an affordable and easy way to keep your home up to date—it just takes a little bit of patience. If you don’t want to commit to painting a whole room, however, painting your trim is also an option! You can use BeFunky’s Replace Color tool to test out new colors before you commit to buying them.

2. Statement Lighting

Lighting has become essential to today’s interior design, as more and more people realize just how drastically lighting can alter the feeling and energy of a room. When designing a room it’s important to think about the warmth, color, and spread of light, all of which can be affected by the shape of the fixture and materials used. Paper, fabric, and silk are particularly in as lamp materials, allowing for gentler and more diffused ambient lighting. 

statement lighting design trend

Lately, lighting serves as decor as much as any piece of furniture, especially in rooms where natural light is sparse. Large, unique, drop ceiling fixtures and chandeliers are making a comeback. Wall lighting and unique sconces are becoming more of a statement feature, as are rechargeable portable lamps. 

3. Soft Brutalism

Brutalism was a movement in the 1960s and 1970s that prioritized clean lines, raw materials, and functionality. The brutalism of this era was very harsh, often focusing on rectangular shapes, glass, and heavy concrete. Meanwhile, the latest wave of brutalism in interior design emphasizes softer shapes, earthen tones, and lighter uses of concrete like microtopping. This form of brutalism can be combined with elements like greenery and wooden furniture to create a natural, calming environment.

soft brutalism design trend

4. Sustainable Design

As society becomes more aware of climate change and consumerism’s impact on the environment, the demand for fast furniture has slowed. In 2023, people are looking for sturdy, ethically-sourced, long-lasting furniture and decor. Designers are prioritizing sustainable materials like real wood, glass, and stone.

sustainable design trend

Besides using natural materials, you may want to consider other sustainable modes of furnishing your home like thrifting, upcycling, and purchasing flexible furniture staples that can evolve with the trends. Having a hard time deciding what pieces to buy? You can use the Collage Maker to create an inspiration board and bring it along when you’re shopping or thrifting.

While it’s not design-related, making sure your home is well-insulated is another way you can make your home more eco-friendly: If you have good insulation, you’ll have less use for energy-consuming heaters and air conditioners!

5. Wallpaper

Floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, particularly on statement walls or in small spaces, is making a comeback. Wallpapering every wall is especially popular with powder rooms, closets, and other spaces where there isn’t much furniture. Not happy with any of the wallpaper you’ve seen at stores or online? Here’s an article on how to design your own wallpaper, whether you’re a homeowner or a renter! 

wallpaper design trend

6. Bold Trim

One great interior design trend continuing from last year into 2023 and beyond is colorful and gilded trims. Believe it or not, trim can transform the mood of an entire room. If you’re looking to change up your home without spending too much money or time, painting your trim might be the move for you. Draw colors from your furniture and decor to tie the whole room together, or pick a contrasting color that makes the rest of the room stand out. 

bold trim design trend

7. Texture

After years of smooth shiny surfaces dominating popular interior design, texture is back on the rise. Textured tiles in particular, like terracotta and Zellige, are gaining popularity. Ceramics and sculpture are being incorporated into more decor. Concrete microtopping can also add subtle texture to a room: This is a technique where just a few millimeters of concrete are applied to an existing surface. Meanwhile, highly textured bouclé, made with a dense curly yarn, became the internet’s favorite upholstery fabric in 2023.

texture design trend

8. Curves & Arches

Straight, sleek modernist lines are giving way to curves that reflect nature and create a sense of comfort. Arches are being added to doors, windows, and shelves. Lamps and statement ceiling lights utilize round and wavy shapes. Seating has taken a turn from hard lines and rectangular shapes to much cozier barrel chairs, bouclé sofas, and cloud couches. This seems to be a trend that will really characterize the 2020s. 

curves and arches design trend

9. Statement Rugs

2023 has seen the rise of unique rugs—in particular, statement area rugs in living spaces. Rectangular and monochromatic rugs are out. Unconventional shapes, wavy lines, detailed embroidery, and complex hand-tufting are in. Let your rug be an art piece unto itself! Here are some tips on creating your own floor plan before you start moving all that furniture around.

wallpaper design trend

10. Maximalism

All the trends on this list point toward a general swing from minimalism to maximalism. People want cozy, welcome spaces that reflect their personality, including bright color, bold texture, and decor that is functional but also just fun. The pandemic has helped us all remember that homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed, not simply kept tidy and palatable for the next person who lives in it.

maximalist design trend

This Year, Design a Home You’ll Love

2023 is all about having fun with your home and creating a home you’ll love being in. If you’re not happy with how you feel in your current space, consider changing it in small ways! Take the first step and create an interior design inspo board with the Collage Maker today.

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