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How To Create Collage Pinterest Pins

By Melanie Doncas | Collage Maker Tutorials

When Pinterest launched back in early 2010, it quickly became the cool kid on the social media block due to its highly-visual nature. Fast-forward to the present day and over 600 million visual searches are now conducted on the site each month. While that can mean a whole lotta eyes on your content, it can also be easy for your images (a.k.a Pins) to become lost in a sea of endless scrolling.

ideal size for Pinterest Pin

We’ll let you in on a little secret though: the latest trend to hit the platform is collage-style Pins, as they showcase a larger preview of your content - whether it be a recipe, DIY project, or makeup tutorial. Thankfully, it’s super easy to create a collage-style Pin of your own by using the Pinterest templates in BeFunky’s Collage Maker (and if you’re super lucky, they may even increase your blog following by 400%). Keep reading to find out more!

When to Use a Collage Style Pin

Now, if you’re wondering how a collage-style Pin differs from your average, everyday Pin, then we’ve got you covered. Below are two of the most common scenarios when a collage-style Pin comes in handy.

When You Need to Showcase Multiple Photos

Perhaps you’ve recently partaken in a photo shoot or are a photographer yourself. Or there’s just a stunning collection of images (like a moodboard or travel blog post) which you want to share within a single Pin.

multiple photo pin examples

These are just some examples when a collage-style Pin can prove very effective, particularly on the visual platform. It also gives viewers several more reasons to click-through to your content, as presenting many images at once can be a lot more eye-catching than showcasing them across several single Pins.

When You Want to Show a Step-By-Step

This is particularly useful for bloggers or content creators specializing in step-by-step content, such as recipes, DIY projects, or makeup tutorials (just to name a few!). Not only does a collage-style Pin showcase a preview of the steps taken to reach a desired outcome, but it also reinforces to viewers that the linked content is a step-by-step that they can follow and achieve for themselves (something which always proves popular on Pinterest).

step by step pinterest pin examples

Whether you need to incorporate two photos, ten, or even more than that, BeFunky has all the Pinterest Pin layouts you could need to carry out your creative vision. We'll show you how to use them next!

How to Create a Collage Pinterest Pin

Now that we’ve covered the two most common scenarios when you would create a collage-style Pin, it’s time to make one yourself! To begin, go to the Collage Maker, then navigate to Layouts (located in the menu on the left). You’ll see a section titled Pinterest filled with plenty of templates to choose from! When you find a Pinterest layout you love, just click it to load the layout onto your canvas. 

Pinterest Pin Maker by BeFunky

Pro Tip: You can make your Pin shorter, taller, wider, or thinner by dragging the outer lines in or out with your mouse.

The next step is to upload your images into your template. To do this, click on Image Manager in the left-hand menu (the first option). From here, you can upload images from your Computer, Facebook, or BeFunky account. You can also search BeFunky’s incredible database of over a million free stock images if you need! Just click the Search Stock Images button and search away. 

Free stock photos in BeFunky

Once your images are in the Image Manager, you can add them to your template in one of two ways: dragging each individual image with your mouse into its desired cell, or clicking on Autofill and allowing them to automatically be added to the template.

Pinterest Pin collage layouts in BeFunky

Next up, we’re going to add a plain-colored background and some text to the top cell so viewers will know exactly what our Pin is about. To insert your colored background, upload it as an image just as you did in the previous step. A quick way to create a solid background image is to add any image to the top cell, click on it and select Edit Image from the dropdown menu that appears. In the Edit Image menu, click Open in Image Editor and you'll be redirected to BeFunky's Photo Editor.

how to create a title image for Pinterest Pin

Next, click on the Background tool in the Edit menu and uncheck the box next to transparent. You'll then be able to use the color tile next to Fill Color to change the entire image to a solid colored background of your choosing. When it looks perfect, click the thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the canvas to navigate back to your Collage. 

How to make a pinterest pin

To add a title (or any text) to your Pin, click on the Text tab (the A icon) in the left-hand menu, followed by Add Text. A text box, along with a Text Properties toolbar will appear. From this toolbar, you can edit elements such as Font, Font Size, Color, Spacing, Alignment, and more. To edit what your text box says, just click on it and begin typing.

how to add text to Pinterest Pins

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can also add the fonts you've downloaded and installed to your device into your BeFunky projects? This guide will show you how.

Once you’re happy with your Pin, all that’s left to do is to save it so it’s ready to share with the world (or at least, the 250 million active users on Pinterest). Click on Save at the top of your screen to save your work to your Computer, as well as Facebook, Dropbox, and more!

Pinterest Pin layouts in BeFunky

If you want to come back to your project at a later date (i.e. to keep the layout but swap-out the images and text), then we also recommend the Save as Project option (which lets you save it as an editable BeFunky Project file to your BeFunky account or Computer).

Next Steps

Ta-da! You now have your very own collage-style Pinterest Pin!

collage pinterest pin made with BeFunky

Ready to upload your Pin to Pinterest? From your Pinterest home feed, click on the red ‘plus’ (+) button, followed by Create Pin. Then, drag and drop your image into the provided space or click to upload. Once your freshly-created collage-style Pin is uploaded, add in additional information such as the URL this Pin links to (i.e. your blog or website content), choose a board to upload it to, and select if you want it published immediately or published at a later date. Too easy!

Ready to rock Pinterest with your own eye-catching, collage-style Pins? Get started below!

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