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15 Day Photo Challenge

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

It's still pretty early in the year. How are you feeling? Maybe you're feeling a little overwhelmed from all the new changes you are seeking to implement. Maybe another 30-day challenge is just too much. If you've made a goal to improve your photography skills a challenge can help tremendously. Here's one to push you just the right amount ;)

You can do it!

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Day 1: Perspective

Capture a shot that plays with perspective!

Perspective in photography is about using converging lines to create a sense of distance or difference in size. Perspective draws your viewer into the scene while creating some depth. 


Day 2: Lighting

Take a shot that plays with highlights/shadows!


You can also check out this post for how to add a little light to your images, or this one on editing low light photos, to help you learn how to balance light and shadow.

Day 3: Natural Lighting

Take a self-portrait (aka selfie) by a window. Who knows what new perspectives you can unlock?


Day 4: ContrastBlack & White


Day 5: Color

Choose to frame some bold colors and see what pops! Need some inspiration? Check out Janelle's post on playing with colors for some colorful eye candy, or take a peek at Holly's post on using complimentary colors.


Day 6: Depth

Use the Rule of Thirds to add depth to your photo. The Rule Of Thirds is about lining your subject up on a grid and keeping it off center. You imagine breaking the image down to a grid of three lines, both horizontally and vertically, creating 9 blocks. This post on 5 Composition Rules for Picture-Perfect Photographs does a pretty neat job of summing it up.


Day 7: Street

Take your camera out and capture something on the go or around your neighborhood. Motion can be tricky to capture well, so you'll need plenty of practice to master the shot!

Lisa's post about her Daily Commute Photography challenge is also worth checking out, too.

pexels-photo (11)

Day 8: Macro photography

Take a close-up (could be a toy, flower, insect—get clever and have fun with it!) Macro photography looks at close-ups of small items making them larger than real life size. This can lead to some gorgeous and fun shots!

Even a drop of water becomes beautiful when captured correctly:


Day 9: Architecture

Explore around your city and give a neat building the spotlight for once. Need some tips on city and skyline photography? Nikki's got you covered.


Day 10: Angles

Move around and avoid the obvious. Play with angles and see what you come up with!


Day 11: Texture

Give your viewers a sense of touch! Texture is about adding a sense of "feel" to your photos. If you could touch the object, would it be rough, soft, bumpy? BeFunky's got loads of texture options stashed away in the Photo Editor like paper, brick and more, so take a look through each & see what works for you! 


Day 12: Sunset/Sunrise

Take your pick and and make it lovely.


Day 13: Still

Water, sleeping pets or children are all good ideas. Just choose something that's resting and capture it in its natural setting.


Day 14: Street Art

Maybe it's just a cute sticker you found at a bus stop. Maybe it's an epic undiscovered mural. What hidden treasures can you find in plain sight?

If you're looking for street art inspiration, Janelle's post on street art photo manipulation will make your heart go pitter patter.


Day 15: Collage

Use the BeFunky Collage Maker to make a collage of your favorite photos from the challenge!

Make the photos your own and get creative. Once you take the shot, use the BeFunky Photo Editor to enhance your photo. Try the "Artsy" and "Effect" features for maximum creativity.

When it's all said and done be sure to share your creations with us @BeFunkyApp on Instagram with hashtag #BeFunky15!

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Photo Editing. Simplified