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Host Your Own “Old Hollywood Glam” Photo Shoot

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes." ~Sophia Loren

Let's create some fun memories and show off your beauty, shall we? And what better way to do it than with an old Hollywood, oh-so-glamourous photoshoot?!

I know my posts are typically about design and social media, but I have a confession...I'm a bit obsessed with old Hollywood glam, too. It's not about the fame, but rather it's the luxurious feel that the old Hollywood style brings. Timeless elegance.


This post will start with some inspiration and tips, then we'll dive into editing your photos after. But, have fun with it and be sure to make your photo shoot fit you and your gang. Grab some glam clothes, your camera, and some friends!

Set Up, Props, Lighting and More!

You will want to start off by doing some research (who knew that research can be fun?). Search Google Images and Pinterest for some photos you adore and come up with creative ways to recreate them.

Keep in mind that most photos were high contrasting black and white images. We'll get to editing your images a bit later in the post, but just keep that in mind. Simple backgrounds and clean lines work great. Reflective surfaces were big, so make use of mirrors to reflect lighting from lamps you already have.

old hollywood

Need some inspiration? Here are some Pinterest boards to help get you started:

Clothes & Vintage Hairstyles

I was "vintage" shopping before it was cool. I still have this white gown with black polka dots that I found at a thrift shop years ago. Its subtle sway gives an instant glam feel and the yellowing interior and touch of the fabric lets me know it's old.

Head to a thrift store before the shoot, a fun group activity, and see what you can find. A 3 piece suit perhaps, an elegant dress, some fun pumps—the possibilities are endless! Choose a classy color palette. Black & white with gold, blush pinks, or rich purple . . .

For your hairstyle, it's time to head on over to YouTube and find the perfect tutorial. Click the link or type "Old Hollywood Glam" into the search bar.

Shoot Time!

For your actual shoot, you can hire a professional or enlist friends (or if you're really up for a challenge, you could also try out your own hand at self-portrait photography. God speed!). You can make a whole vintage party out of it and have loads of fun. Take turns taking individual pictures and don't forget to get some fun shots with fabulous props as well. Feathered hats...fedoras...sequined scarves anyone?!

Give Your Photos That Vintage, Glam Look

Here are some photos in pink. Perfectly appropriate, but let's see how we can edit them for an even classier finish...

old hollywood

I took the first photo and opened it up in the BeFunky Photo Editor. Under "Artsy" I chose Inkify 4.


See how much more light bounces off the skin just like in those old glamour shots?! Now, let's try one in black and white...

Black & White is one of the many photo effects in the Photo Editor. Click it to adjust your strength amount, paint over certain areas, make fine-tune adjustments, and more.

BlackWhite Arrows

While all the filters look great, I think in the end I'm going to go with Black & White #5.

For the second photo, I have used Black & White #6. I changed the effect first and then added the same Inkify filter...

old hollywood

Just look at how those eyes POP!

There are other filters and effects to explore that old Hollywood feel (the vintage effect is another helpful one to check out), so get started and have a blast!

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Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified