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New Blogger? 6 Ways To Get Your Blog Get Noticed

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

Let’s face it: There are a lot of blogs out there. A lot. So, how do you get the interwebs to discover your amazing Nutella-stuffed sugar cookie recipe on your brand spanking new site?

Simple, you market it like a boss.

From content to social media, here's how to make your blog stand out in the crowd.

1. Know Who You Are.

No, we’re not saying take an “Eat, Pray, Love” type journey to find your inner-self. But if you can make it to India, ride an elephant! 



Basically, before you start a blog, you should know who your audience is, what your purpose is, and most importantly, what your writing style is like. Change it up too much and you could lose fans fast.

2. Create An Editorial Calendar.

Here’s a trick the pros use. Plan out the posts you’ll write for the day, week and month to keep you on top of your game. Even better is to schedule recurring weekly posts, like a Friday Link Roundup or #ThrowbackThursday edition. Whatever weekly-themed posts you choose, stick to it. Consistency keeps them coming back.


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3. Be Social.

Sharing your posts on every social media platform you’re on is a no-brainer, sure. But to really spread your reach, use hashtags and shout out to people you mentioned in your post. Just don’t go overboard with the hashtags — make it three tops. Otherwise, you look desperate.



4. Engage With Your Followers.

Whether it’s on your blog or on your Twitter feed, one of the best way to increase engagement is by creating stunning visual content. And the fastest way to grow a loyal community is to reply to your commenters. Unless they’re trolls. Ugh.


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Interacting with your followers makes them feel like they’re a part of something. And that’s exactly what you’re going for.

5. Guest Blog For Other Sites.

Once you have a steady stream of content flowing on your blog, reach out to a website about guest blogging. Pitch a few ideas and provide a few links from your own site to show off your writing chops. Then, when you've finished your guest post, be sure to include a link to your blog and social media handles so that your new fans know where to find you. Oh hai.


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6. Start NOW!

What are you waiting for? Get blogging!

Start Blogging Now


 The more you blog, the more traffic you will have and get noticed!

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