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Creating Personalized Birthday Collages

By Nikki | Inspiration

For some reason, summer is a very busy time for birthdays in my circle of friends and family. I know 10 people with birthdays in July alone, and loads more in June and August. I live by the notion that handmade cards and gifts are best, and I try to make my close friends personalized cards every year on their birthdays.

However, when I have 10 birthdays in one month, more flooding over from the month before, and even more queued up for the month after, my already weak drawing skills begin to fall very short, to say the least. Luckily, the BeFunky Collage Maker came into my life and made creating personalized birthday posts for my friends and family much, much easier, and fun to boot!

Finding the Perfect Photos

Vee Birthday Collage
This is my friend Veronica. She's very photogenic.

When I’m making birthday collages for my friends or family, I first check our tagged pictures together on Facebook. While I have many photos saved, I’ve found that most of my favorite pictures of my friends and me are on Facebook, along with some delightful #tbts that I use to add some nostalgia, like in this one for my sister, Monica.

bday collage 3

One thing I really love about the Collage Maker is the plethora of frame choices based on the amount of pictures you want to include in your collage.

bday collage 2
This is Morgan. We've known each other waaaay too long, and sometimes dress up like zombies together.

For those family members who aren’t on social media, I scour old family photo albums and snap shots of old pictures.

bday collage 4
For my mama, Sher.

Editing Your Photos

Once I've got all my pictures chosen and situated, I go in and edit each one to spruce them up a bit, specifically using Beautify, Exposure, and Sharpen. And since my goal is to make these photos a little more striking, I usually just stick to BeFunky’s simple editing tools while preparing my photos for the collage.

BeFunky's also got some nifty Birthday stickers under “Graphics” that you can add to your collage to make it even more playful:

Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 1.26.47 PM
Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 1.28.03 PM

Putting It All Together

When I am making a birthday collage, my intention is to post it on social media, so I usually use the BeFunky App on my phone. So, after I've chosen the photos, I then choose the right frame for my collage:

Birthday collage frames

Next, I go in and use the editing tools within the collage maker to make my photos stand out. The goal with this step is to make sure the editing looks cohesive, so that the photos in my collage work together.

Birthday collage arrow

Lastly, I include a couple of graphics to add some whimsy to my collage.

Birthday Collage JJ
Voila! A birthday collage for my friend JJ.

When I'm finally finished organizing and editing my collage, I then post it and write a personalized message to the friend or family member I’ve made it for to make them feel a little extra special on their big day.

After all, anyone can post on a friend’s Facebook wall or send a quick text, but by using BeFunky’s collage maker it shows your loved ones that you've really put some thought and effort into their present. Putting your fond memories into a cute, personal collage, adds that little handmade touch that shows them just how important their friendship or relationship is to you.

Trust me, they'll love it!

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