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Make Your Own Magical Memories

By Christopher Schmidt | Inspiration

Are your vacation photos lacking luster? Do you marvel at the incredible images of others and wonder if they are occupying some secret, more picturesque universe? Hawaii, Paris, Walt Disney World: you visit the most enviable vacation destinations. So, why are your pictures hardly worthy of the forgotten drawer into which you, frustrated, deposit them?

Capturing beauty is not as simple as some make it look. Turning any of your own images into a coveted work of art can be as easy as applying the right Photo Editor. BeFunky has the tools to bring out your inner artist.


You return home from an exceptional trip with amazing memories. But the photos you've captured hardly do your trip, or the moments you want to treasure, justice. Images, like the one above, serve as a nice representation of an easily recognizable icon. In the modern world of digital photography "nice" really means "boring." The BeFunky Photo Editor will be sure to make your photos more representative of the wonderful memories they're meant to inspire and preserve.

Who doesn't love a Disney landmark bathed in glorious light as evening sets in? Well, your camera for one. You just can't seem to capture a worthwhile image once the sun goes down. With the BeFunky color tool, you can replicate the trademark Disney fuschia without the hazards of blurring or overexposing.

epcot color

Adjusting the Hue, Temp and Saturation creates the colors you desire. Zoom in and click the Paint tab to target the area you wish to impact, and really make your subject shine, even in peak sunshine. Let your imagination run wild with the many artistic and texture effects. The finished product below includes the Bokeh 4 texture overlay at 70-percent opacity, and Paper 6 at 50-percent.

Cartoonizer 4, within the Artsy tab, at 10-percent, gives an additional surreal appeal. Everyone will wonder how you got such a shot. It's up to you whether to tell them.


Beautiful. Now what do you do with the all the other pics you took? You can edit bunches of those, too. Trust me. BeFunky makes it incredibly easy. True, any worthwhile trip results in hundreds (thousands?) of images. Even with the world's most innovative and accommodating photo editor (which this is) it could take days to get through it all.

Still, don't lose them to that drawer of let them parish on a forgotten memory card. Combine them quickly and easily into a memorable mural with the brilliant BeFunky Collage Maker. With absolutely no editing, any collection of images becomes an instant work of art.

BeFunky disney Collage

Set the background to fit the photo theme, or match your walls with the touch of a button. And if you'd like to take this project to the next level, all of the spectacular BeFunky tools are available right there at your fingertips. You can also check out this post on how to make beautiful collages if you're feeling especially creative.

These are your memories. Make them magical.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified