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Instagram Trend Predictions for 2021

By Vanessa Poulson | Inspiration

Based on its current trend of growth, Instagram is set to have 909.8 million users by 2021. This is an unprecedented rate of growth, and as we spend more time at home (and let’s be honest, on our phones) more than ever, knowing the upcoming trends for the app (and how to stay ahead of them!) is important for your brand and business to come out on top.

Instagram trends for 2021

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. We’re predicting the emergence of exciting and important trends to keep up with in the New Year and BeFunky can help bring all of them to life. With our array of Instagram templates, dynamic photo editing tools, everything you need for adding text to photos, and so much more, you'll be able to create on-trend Instagram graphics with ease!

Upcoming Instagram Trends

Casual Instagram is King

Long ago are the days of hyper-posed and edited content on Instagram. With more people spending time at home, and the rise in Gen Z users on the app, Instagram content has become more casual than ever. Don’t shy away from posting your classic mirror selfie, both fun and serious!

Casual Instagram photo tutorial BeFunky

No longer does everything have to be perfectly staged in order for it to be post-worthy. But if you want to retouch your portrait quickly while keeping things looking natural, our A.I. Portrait Enhancer can make those casual shots perfect with just a single click!

Advocacy Will Continue to Shine

It’s no secret that 2020 was a year for social media advocacy and the sharing of information. With that came the growing trend in intricate, text-heavy graphics, sharing inspirational quotes and information for followers to share on their stories.

Graphic templates for Instagram BeFunky

Oftentimes, these graphics will be presented in a variety of colors and aesthetics, incentivizing followers to share their stories that match their own personal color scheme. Our Instagram Post Templates are fully customizable, so you can put your designs in whatever scheme suits your fancy.

Muted Colors Over Bold

2021 is waving bold colors goodbye! Going hand-in-hand with the casual Instagram push comes the rise in posting photos with soft, neutral colors.

Muted colors for Instagram 2021

If you want to try out this look, check out our Toning Filters! They can help give your photo the soft brush of warmth, without being hyper-edited. 

Retro is on The Rise

If you thought the 90s were over, you’d be wrong. As Instagram continues to become more casual and artistically driven, there is a growing push for creative content that captures the aesthetic of decades past.

Film grain tutorial BeFunky

To get the look, some key tools to try are our film grain tool and light leak textures. They're perfect for taking your photos from 2021 and dropping them back in the past.

Stories and Reels Take the Lead

As Instagram continues to expand, the addition of the Reels features this year has been a social media success. This, along with the expanding use of Instagram Stories, will be the trend towards a more ephemeral content focused future. The most important part of Instagram Stories is making sure they’re interactive and utilize options like Polls or Gifs.

Instagram story templates

Our plethora of Instagram Story templates have plenty of options for creating the kinds of stories that captivate all audiences. You can also use these Instagram Story templates as cover photos for your Reels as they appear under hashtags and on the explore page.


With all of these exciting trends coming to Instagram in 2021, are you ready to take your content to the next level? Start exploring our Photo Editor and Designer to easily create content to capitalize on the social media trends of the future!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified