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8 Holiday Cards You Can Design on Your Phone

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

BeFunky’s Card Maker is the go-to destination for all of your card design needs. However, two of the most common questions users often ask are “how do I get holiday cards on my iPhone?” and “what app can I use to design a card?”

For those who love using BeFunky’s tools and features on desktop, you’ll be pleased to hear that we also have a popular mobile app that lets you access BeFunky’s Creative Suite on your mobile or tablet too – including all of the card templates within our Card Maker!

To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite holiday cards you can conveniently design on your phone. You can even send them on the go for last-minute gift ideas. Keep reading to learn how!

How to Choose Your Holiday Card Design

Before we reveal just some of the amazing holiday cards you can design on your phone, let’s first look at how you can choose your design within the app.

Within the app, you’ll want to start by clicking on Browse All Templates

choose holiday card template on mobile

Then, using the search bar at the top, type in Holiday Cards and click the magnifying glass button. You’ll then be able to see all of the Holiday Card templates available within the BeFunky app that you can design on your phone.

holiday card template search

Once you’ve decided upon the one you want to use, simply click on it, followed by Use This Template to begin customizing it. 

use this mobile holiday template

You can also check out our helpful tutorial showing you how to customize a Holiday Card in just a few easy steps! The process remains the same across all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Another great thing about designing a digital holiday card on the BeFunky app is that you can then send it digitally to your recipients – no postage required! Simply save your holiday card as an image file, then text or email it straight to them. Or, share your design directly to social media to spread holiday cheer among your followers.

Our Top 8 Digital Holiday Card Designs

While there are countless digital card options via our app, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite designs to help you get started. From Christmas and New Year, to Hanukkah, Diwali, and more – no matter what you’re celebrating, our holiday card templates have got you sorted.

1. Winter Wonderland

If you’re looking for a cheerful, graphic-filled card to send season’s greetings to your loved ones, then this holiday card is a great option. You can edit the headline to convey a different holiday message, or simply keep it as is. Just edit in your own name, then it’s ready to go!

winter wonderland mobile holiday template

2. Merry and Bright

This holiday card template is a great option for those who want to include a selection of their favorite photos to share with their loved ones. This transforms your average holiday card into one that friends and family will cherish for years to come! Plus, with its glittery details, it’s super festive for Christmas!

merry and bright mobile holiday template

3. Floral Hanukkah Celebrations

BeFunky is also home to a wide range of Hanukkah card templates to help you and your loved ones celebrate the Festival of Lights. We love this floral design card, which features the perfect Hanukkah-inspired color scheme. Simply switch out the text for your own message and you’ve got one beautiful card to celebrate Hanukkah.

hannukuh mobile holiday template

4. Bright Wishes for Diwali

Speaking of the Festival of Lights, we also have a beautiful holiday card template to help you wish your loved ones a Happy Diwali. Featuring firework graphics and a joyous color palette of red, yellow, magenta, and light blue, it’s the perfect design for celebrating the religious holiday in style.

diwali mobile holiday template

5. Cheers for the New Year

Along with vertically oriented holiday card templates, you’ll also find plenty of horizontally oriented designs within the app. This New Year’s card design is perfect for including a photo of yourself or your family for that personal touch. Its layout is simple, yet eye-catching, and incredibly versatile for customizing it to your own needs.

new year mobile holiday template

6. Botanical Happy Holidays

This is a great non-traditional holiday card that’s perfect for sending to friends and family of all denominations. We love its minimal color palette, along with its beautiful botanical details and circular photo. Swap out the image for one of your own, then simply modify the message so they know you’re the sender.

happy holidays floral mobile holiday template

7. Merry Christmas Photo Wreath

With its soft green color palette and wreath-adorned photo, this digital Christmas card is a popular one for sharing with your loved ones. The secret to the perfect personalized holiday card is that it shouldn’t be crowded with too many elements, and we think this design is a great example of that.

christmas wreath mobile holiday template

8. Black and Gold New Year

Ring in the New Year with your loved ones by sending this elegant and eye-catching digital card. Among our wide range, you’ll find holiday card templates that include a photo, graphics, or both. Cards like this one are perfect for those who don’t want to include their own photo, yet still want a stunning card they can design on their phone then share with their loved ones on the go.

new year mobile holiday template

Ready to Design a Card on Your Phone?

With so many digital holiday cards you can design on your phone, the BeFunky app will have you spoiled for choice. Next time someone asks you “what app can I use to design a card?”, you’ll know exactly where to send them! Want to make your own digital holiday card on your phone? Download the BeFunky mobile app to get started!8 Holiday Cards You Can Design on Your Phone

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