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Foodie Photo Tips for Instagram

By Kristen Yates | Inspiration

There's no denying how fun (and addicting!) it can be to snap photos of your latest meals or foodie creations and post them up to Instagram! Personally, I love any opportunity to share an awesome eat with the world! :) But have you ever wondered how to make your pics even more unique and eye-popping?

Let's just say goodbye to the days of boring food photos... the BeFunky mobile app is here to help you add your own unique style to whatever food creations you post!

Here are some tips for using the app to create awesome foodie photos on Instagram:

Layer Filters

When it comes to posting awesome food pics on Instagram, the filter is key: it creates that element to really take a regular photo from boring and bland to eye-poppingly appetizing. So why not play around with layering the filters to create an even more unique effect?

We're going to start with a regular (boring) photo of some Greek food...

Greek Beautify
Greek Brightness

Start by opening your photo in the BeFunky mobile app, and tap the "Edits" button. We're going to Beautify this up a bit, then increase the brightness just a touch.
Now, we're going to play with one of the filters in the app. Hit the "back" arrow and press "Effects" to open up the filters.

We're going to apply the LomoArt filter - double tap the button to change the intensity of the effect. Since we're layering filters, we're going to put this at about 30%.

Greek Lomo

(Hint: there are no rules here! We are just experimenting to see what unique effects the filters will create together!)

Once you've applied the effect, head back to the main screen and click Save. Here, we're going to upload our photo right to Instagram:

Greek Insta

Now we can play with the Instagram filters to see which one we like. I'm loving the Clarendon effect - but again, let's tone it down to about 50% since we've already got a filter on there.

Greek Claren

Voila! A way more eye-popping version of our Greek meal!

Black + White Background

One cool way to really emphasize your foodie creation is to play around with black and white elements of your photo.

Here we have a colorful smoothie photo open in the BeFunky mobile app... head on over to Effects and find the B&W!

smoothie 1

Now, double tap the B&W icon to open up the editor. Click the Paintbrush icon - this will allow us to paint on the Black and White effect ONLY on the areas we want! (the background!)

Smoothie BW

Now with our Paintbrush open, we can change the size and intensity of the brush - and the fun begins! Just swipe your finger over the background areas until the color is removed. You can change the size of the brush as you go, or use the eraser tool to fix any mistakes.

It takes a bit of playing around to get it right - you'll get the hang of it!

Smoothie half

Once everything is as you like, hit the check mark and save to Instagram!

Smoothie Insta

Add Fun Overlays

With all of the foodie photos out there, putting your own unique vibe on your photos is the best way to stand out from the crowd. With the BeFunky mobile app, it's super easy to add your own fun twist to your photos before posting on Instagram. 

Let's open up our foodie photo in the BeFunky mobile app, choose the Square frame (for Instagram!) and scroll over to "Overlay."

Pita overlay

Now we just need to choose what type of overlay we want. You can put anything from a pattern to a particular shape or even letter over the top of your photo.

I'm going to choose one of the Stars to highlight our food here!

Pita star

Now, double tap on the pattern to open up the editor. Here, we can customize the size of the pattern and the strength and color of the overlay. To really make this pop, I'm going to make the background black and the overlay 100%.

Pita star overlay

And here is our final on Instagram:

Pita final

So how are you going to use the BeFunky mobile app to add your own unique ZING to your Instagram foodie photos?

Download the mobile app and get started today!

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