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Foodie Photo Tips for Instagram

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

Instagram has become a necessity for the foodie community. Whether you are snapping images of meals you make, or meals you grab while out on the town, there are tons of people who love to look at them. Instagram allows you to embrace the authenticity of your food journey while sharing photos that are creative and inspired. Now, you may be nervous to start sharing your foodie photos on Instagram, but BeFunky and the Photo Editor have your back with these 5 tips for foodies. Embrace the quintessential Instagram photography look. 

Tip 1: Utilize Natural Light

Utilizing natural light is the best way to get a crisp and well-lit photo, but sometimes there is a glare or the sun isn’t cooperating with your plans. This is when BeFunky’s A.I. Image Enhancer comes in handy! In one click, you can go from a dark image to a perfectly composed automatically enhanced version of your photo. Found under the Edit tab, you can adjust how much of the effect is applied to your final image with a slider. Apply the Image Enhancer from the mobile app for quick and easy edits to images on your camera roll.

before/after a.i.

Tip 2: Photograph From the Top Down 

One way to grasp the attention of your foodie followers is to take the image from the top directly down of the food. This gives a super cool overall feel for the meal that is presented and it allows you to have a composed image. When you take images from the top down, you can place the dishes where you want in composition with the other items on the table, and get a really beautiful frame of the plating of the food. It is usually a less distracting final shot when you are out on the town because you just have the table and food to focus on, not other distractions within a restaurant. 

foodie instagram examples

Tip 3: Crop to Instagram’s Preferred Sizes

Using the sizes that are preferred by Instagram is an important tip for foodies. It can change the composition of your intended image if you just go straight to upload. Luckily it is super easy to use the Crop tool to get your images the exact size you want. Instagram started with the square 1:1 images, and they will always be a favorite because that is what appears on your profile grid, but the addition of the 4:5 image is still pretty recent. Although we do not have a preset crop for 4:5, you can always enter the pixels directly into the crop tool and that would be 1080X1350. It is super easy to do in the mobile app with photos from your phone. So then all you have to do is save and upload directly to your Instagram grid!

foodie example crop instagram

Tip 4: Take a Food Photo in Action

In-action food photos are some of the most captivating! A drip of caramel cascading down the edge of a glass of caramel corn, a fork full of spaghetti being lifted from the plate, or a pour of olive oil into a dish. However, with movement comes imperfection. BeFunky’s Clone Tool is a great solution to this problem! Found under the Touch Up tab, simply start by selecting the source selection, and then brushing over the undesirable area. This works great for spills and unwanted items in food photos without having to think twice about the shot at the moment. 

foodie insta motion clone after
foodie insta motion clone before



Tip 5: Fill Your Camera Roll

Snap photos in many different positions, if something isn’t working for you, switch it up! The easiest way to improve your photography skills is to take more photos. Use brightly colored paper as a background for an easy change of scene. Experiment with the rule of thirds. Try adding props or movement. And as you fill your phone's camera roll, you can edit them in tandem with the mobile app. In the process, you may have even learned something to help you in your next collection of foodie images. 

foodie instagram composition

Start Your Foodie Instagram Today

Now that you are armed with these 5 tips and the Photo Editor, you can start snapping and editing photos of your food with confidence. Join the foodie Instagram community looking like a pro with your creatively curated images, and have fun while you're doing it! Get started editing your food photos! 

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