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5 Easy Family Photoshoot Ideas That Aren’t Awkward

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Awkward family photos – we all love ‘em, but we don’t want to be in ‘em. So how do you take good family photos without being labeled the dreadful “awkward”? On the flip side, most people don’t take family photos at all and often opt for the occasional family selfie.

family photoshoot supporting

Family photos have been taken since the onset of the invention of cameras. There is something timeless and iconic about being able to capture your growing family. This doesn't have to be a yearly endeavor, but a family photo every so often is just what is needed so that you can show your future generations.

If you are wanting to DIY your family photos this year, take a look at these themes below for some family photoshoot inspiration. If you are set on taking your own photos, use Befunky’s Photo Editor for quick and easy photo editing tools that you can use after your shoot!

Subtly Perfect Themes for Family Photos

Whether you want to go all out or you’re looking for a low-key family photo theme, check out these options below! Each of them carries tips to follow for perfect family photo execution whether you have them done professionally or you opt to take them at home!

1. Wear Matching Tones and Hues

Instead of having your whole family wear matching outfits, try matching tones and hues. Matching outfits is quite a cliche at this point and just gives off a “trying too hard” kind of energy. You want there to be a subtle cohesiveness to your family photoshoot Matching outfits also prompt the viewer to compare everyone against one another in the photo, which is the antithesis of what you are going for with a family shoot. 

family photoshoot tone

2. Wear Colorful Clothes

Color is not bad. Most of the family photoshoots these days look so subtle, they are drained of life and borderline apocalyptic. If you are a colorful family, you can either choose to have everyone wear a pop of color in either the same shade or wear different color choices with a similar saturation. If you don’t have the outfits to pull this off, you could always use a colorful prop like a blanket or a kite.

family photoshoot color choices

This can be a really fun photoshoot if executed properly. If you choose to do this photoshoot, make sure that your backdrop is subtle and does not clash with the outfits you’ve chosen to wear. Since your outfits are the main subject in the photo, make sure that these are what will be highlighted during the shoot. You can see in this image below how the colors in nature clash with the outfits that everyone is wearing. It may have been better if this family photo had been taken against the backdrop of a wheat field or in a city setting.

family photoshoot color and background after
family photoshoot color and background before



3. Use Tasteful Props

If you are wanting to incorporate some props into your photoshoot, make sure that it blends with your family’s vibe and aesthetic and also doesn't look cheesy. As with colors, match styles rather than wearing the same exact props. 

family photoshoot props

In the second photo, you can see that they are wearing similar colored dresses, using black as a bold pop of color, and mixing and matching hairstyles and hat styles. There is a good overall blend here, rather than in the first photo, where they simply used the same exact frames. If you are going to do a frame-styled photoshoot, try finding some eclectic frames that all look different and show your different personalities. I would go sans frames and opt for a more stylized shoot by mixing and matching different prop styles and colors.

4. Wear Classic Clothing

There is something timeless about a family photoshoot where the actual outfits are also timeless. This can be done by wearing basics and being in a well-lit area with a neutral backdrop. The great thing about this is that it can be done in your home with a couple of sheets and outfits that you already have in your wardrobe. You can get much of the same results doing this kind of shoot in your home versus a studio.

family photoshoot class

5. Go All Out

The great thing about tips and tricks is that you can choose to follow them or not. If you have a fun family photo idea that you’ve been itching to do but don’t have the confidence to do, let this be your sign. If you want to embrace the awkward quirkiness, do it – life is too short to fit into a box. If you want to go to a studio and get laser lights in the background, do it.

Taking Quality Family Photos Is Possible

If you need to update your family photos and need some guidance, our above pointers can help you. If you are going completely solo on this and want to do your edits, BeFunky’s Photo Editor makes it easier than ever to batch-edit your entire shoot!

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