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DIY Holiday Coloring Books for Kids and Adults Alike

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

Coloring books have become very popular in recent times, and not just for children. The reasons for this go beyond flexing our creative muscles too; research has shown that coloring calms the brain and helps our bodies to relax, while improving sleep, decreasing pain in the body, and even lowering depressive feelings and anxiety.

Rather than search for the perfect coloring book, why not get even more creative and make your own? If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t fret. Holiday-themed coloring books give you simple, clear themes that you can embrace. Plus, by using BeFunky’s huge Graphic Library and the tools available in the Graphic Designer, half your work is already done!

Keep reading to learn how you can create your own holiday coloring pages for adults and kids alike. Plus, we’ll even show you some coloring page inspiration to give you more ideas.

diy coloring book

How to Create a DIY Holiday Coloring Book

Ready to create your own holiday-themed coloring sheets? Head to BeFunky’s Graphic Designer to get started.

Step 1: Choose a Blank Canvas

Start a new project in the Graphic Designer, then navigate to Blank Canvas at the top of the page. You can choose any canvas size you desire, however for this tutorial, we’ll be sticking with Letter size. Not only is it one of the most popular sizes for coloring pages, but it’ll also make it easy when printing your DIY coloring page from your home printer.

blank canvas for coloring book

Step 2: Add Your Graphics to Color In

Next comes the fun part: adding the graphics that will form your coloring page. To do this, navigate to Graphics in the main menu on the left. You can add graphics from BeFunky’s huge library by clicking Search Graphics. Alternatively, if you have graphics you wish to add from your own files, then you can click Computer to do so.

coloring book graphics

When you open BeFunky’s Graphic Library, you can simply search for your coloring page theme in the search bar at the top-left of the screen. For this tutorial, we’ll be creating an Easter-themed coloring page.

Simply click on any graphics you wish to use to add a checkmark to them. Ideally, you want to use graphics that contain a simple outline and which aren’t solidly colored. Then, once you click on the ‘x’ in the top-right corner of the screen to exit the Graphic Library, these graphics will appear under Your Graphics.

graphics library

Finally, use your cursor to drag and drop these graphics onto your canvas to add them to your coloring page.

add text

Step 3: Change the Color of Your Graphics, If Necessary

If you want to change the color of your graphics to white, this is easy to do. Click on the graphic you wish to alter, and a Graphic Properties panel appears. Then, click the swatch underneath Color Overlay, then select a color from the Color Picker.

add graphics to coloring book

Step 4: Save Your Holiday Coloring Page

Click Save at the top of the screen to save your coloring page to your Computer, as well as Facebook, Dropbox, and more. 

save to computer coloring book

We also recommend saving your image in PDF format > Print Quality so it’s the best quality possible for printing and coloring-in!

save print quality

Coloring Book Page: Final Result

There you have it; your very own holiday-themed coloring page! All it took was some graphics from BeFunky’s Graphic Library, as well as a few clicks of your mouse.

coloring book easter

Inspiration: DIY Coloring Sheets for Every Occasion

Why not create coloring pages for each holiday theme, then put them together in your very own DIY coloring book? It’s the perfect mindful activity for both kids and adults alike. To help inspire your next coloring page, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday ideas.


Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year, and thankfully, the Graphic Library is overflowing with fun Christmas graphics you can color in. For this example, we’ve included some graphics that aim to get the creativity flowing even more. This is because the graphics contain a lot of empty space, allowing you – or your children – to fill them with whatever colorful designs, symbols, or patterns you desire.

coloring book christmas


It’s also fun to think of ways to make your coloring pages more interactive. Take this festive Thanksgiving coloring page, for example, which also prompts the artist to fill in what they’re most thankful for during the holiday. Along with the boost in creativity and relaxation that comes with coloring, pages like this also encourage you, your friends, or your children to reflect on their gratitude.

coloring book thanksgiving


The Graphic Library is also filled with a wide range of Hanukkah-themed graphics, which are perfect for coloring—just as you can see in this example below. While you can easily create an eye-catching coloring page by arranging graphics and text on the page, why not take it one step further? In this example, we’ve chosen a bold font, set our text to white, then given it a black outline. Doing so allows this coloring page’s text to be colored-in too, helping you add even more pizazz to your colored masterpiece!

coloring book hanukkah

Get Creative With Your Own Coloring Sheets

Half the fun of coloring pages is when you’re able to design them exactly the way you want. So, why not get creative and start making your own holiday-themed coloring books for yourself, your kids, or your loved ones? It’s the perfect activity for parents, teachers, or those just looking to relieve some stress during the holidays.

Head to the Graphic Designer to see what you can create! 

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