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Introducing Our DELUXE EDITION Digital Art Effects

By Whitney | Inspiration

We here at BeFunky HQ have been passionate about creating the best, most unique artistic effects (and making them simple to use!) since the dawn of our time. We started in 2007 with an innovative effect called the Cartoonizer, and since it’s launch we’ve been dedicated to building a dynamic library of Photo To Art effects that are completely exclusive to BeFunky - you can’t find anything like them anywhere else. Get excited, because we just remastered your favorite Artsy effects and created a whole new collection - our brand new DELUXE EDITION Digital Art Effects! You BeFunky Plus members know there’s nothing more cream-of-the-crop than when we release Deluxe Edition effects, so we know you’re stoked!

With these new Deluxe Edition Digital Art effects, all it takes is one click to go from photo to cartoon, turn it into a super-realistic looking painting, or create something that looks straight out of the pages of your favorite graphic novel! As always, our Plus members get full reign over our entire Artsy library (and lets be real, anything they could ever want for their photos), but we think these effects are so revolutionary, we’re letting you try them for free. But don’t say we didn’t warn you - these effects are so jaw-dropping you’re going to want to use them on your photos forever and ever. Gotta join the Plus revolution for that..

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can do with our new Digital Art effects:

Cartoonizer DLX

Go from photo to cartoon in just one click with this remastered edition of our first-ever Artsy effect.


Underpainting DLX

This reboot of our most popular Artsy effect adds vibrancy and texture that can’t be captured with a camera.


Oil Painting DLX

Turn your photo into art that’s worthy of a gallery wall in seconds, without ever picking up a paintbrush.


Graphic Novel DLX

Ever wanted to be a superhero? This effect makes your photo look like it belongs in your favorite graphic novel.


Watercolor DLX

Easily go from picture to watercolor in seconds, no water necessary.


Cross Hatch DLX

Add monochromatic texture and contrast to give your photo a dramatic, hand-shaded look.


Pop Art DLX

Be amazed as your photo morphs into a retro masterpiece that resembles a Lichtenstein or Warhol creation.


Excited about these new effects as we are? Good. Go have a look at our new Deluxe Edition Digital Art effects and start creating your masterpiece today!

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