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Customizable Templates for Pride Month

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

The month of June is covered in rainbows as a sign of support for Pride Month. Although different countries have different months to recognize it, June is often used as the month to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community–it started as an homage to those who fought for justice at the Stonewall Inn in June of 1969. The Stonewall Riots began as a peaceful protest against police raids in New York City gay clubs, as cops would call any gathering of LGBTQIA+ individuals “disorderly.” These raids were due to same-sex relations being illegal. The Stonewall Riots springboarded the modern Pride movement, creating a vehicle for a broader understanding and acceptance of queer folks, thus eventually ensuring legal rights for same-sex relationships. 

Modern Pride has evolved into a celebration of love, equality, and the space to be authentically yourself. Whether you are throwing a Pride parade, or just want to take steps to make your workplace a more inclusive one, you may need an eye-catching graphic. BeFunky has made it easy to make your support known with customizable Pride templates for all your needs within the Graphic Designer

pride flags

Get Inspired With These Pride Templates

Get inspired by our top three uses for our Pride templates in the Graphic Designer, each is fully customizable and ready to make your own. Whether it is for your office or your Instagram, these Pride templates are the perfect solution. Here are our top three ways that you can use Pride templates. 

Add a Splash of Color to Your Grid

BeFunky has a selection of perfectly sized templates for Instagram. The square format is ideal for posting without having to make any tweaks to the size. This template size is great for when you want to quickly edit and share your own graphics in the 1X1 format. Square graphics make a great option for profile photos on all social media pages as well, show your pride with a customized template for your profile image. 

pride social

Share Your Pride With a Social Media Story

Sharing to your social media story is a surefire to get a lot of views. BeFunky’s Pride templates for stories are bold enough to capture the attention and share the information that you want to get across. This is a perfect way to customize it with the info for your Pride event or simply as a way to share your pride for Pride. 

pride social media story

Extend an Invite to a Pride Event

When you are planning an event for Pride, make sure you customize an invitation. You can transform any of our Pride templates to include the information that you desire. Edit the location, dates, and times in just a few clicks and download it as a jpg to share. You are even able to adjust the size of the template in order to have space to include more details about your event if needed. 

pride invitations

Make One of Our Pride Templates Your Own

Start by navigating to the Graphic Designer, this will take you to search all of the Graphic Designer templates.

Step 1: Choose a Template

In the upper left-hand side of the interface is a search bar, search "Pride" to pull up BeFunky’s selection of templates specifically for Pride. 

pride templates

Once you select the template you want to customize, a box will pop up for you to have a closer look at the template. Click on the template you want to use, and select the Use This Template button to get started customizing your own. 

pride use this template

Step 2: Customize Your Pride Template

Under the Customize tab, you are able to resize the template to fit your needs. You can pick from a wide selection of preset sizes, or you can input your desired size. This is also the tab where you have the option to change the color of the background. 

customize pride template

To add text, navigate to the Text tab and click the Add Text button. To move components on the canvas, select them then click and drag the elements into the position you want them to be. To make them larger or smaller, adjust them with the blue dots in the corners by clicking and dragging them accordingly. 

add text to pride template

Step 3: Save It!

After you are finished customizing the template to your needs, select the Save menu at the top of the canvas and save it to your desired location. If you are sharing to social media, saving it as a jpg will be the best file type. If you are going to print it to hang, a PDF will be the better option.

save pride template

Show Your Pride With BeFunky's Pride Templates

Now that you are inspired by our three favorite types of Pride templates and you know how to customize your own, you can celebrate love, equality, and authenticity with BeFunky’s Graphic Designer Pride templates. In just a few clicks, you can create an eye-catching design for your social media feed, workplace, or coffee shop for any pride event you are planning to throw.

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