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8 Creative Ideas for Your Graduation Photoshoot

By Isabelle | Inspiration

Whether it’s high school, college, grad school, trade school, or your PhD, graduation is an exciting moment in your life! It’s traditional to take graduation pictures to commemorate the occasion. However, graduation photos can easily end up looking unimaginative or awkward – so how do you take photos that you’ll actually want to post? In this article, we’ll cover 8 creative ideas for an unforgettable graduation photoshoot. We’ll also show you how to edit your photos with the Photo Editor for even more unique results!

What to Wear to a Graduation Photoshoot

For your graduation photoshoot, you’ll of course need essentials like your cap and gown. But when it comes to what you’ll wear underneath, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s a formal occasion, and you’ll want to look your best – especially if you’re paying a photographer! Plus, many recent college graduates use their graduation photos on LinkedIn and other professional websites. Dresses, suits, and button-ups are all good options. 

graduation what to wear

Secondly, consider how your graduation attire will mesh with your outfit. Colors like black or white are timeless and will go with anything. Your school colors are another great option. But for more interesting grad photos, don’t be afraid of fun textures, colors, and patterns that look good with your gown! Just because you’ll want to look professional doesn’t mean your outfit can’t have some flair.

getting ready for graduation shot

What to Bring to a Graduation Photoshoot

When leaving home for your graduation photoshoot, don’t forget your cap, gown, stole, tassels, and diploma if you have it. Your diploma will make an especially great prop. 

what youll need for graduation photo shoot

If you were part of a sport, club, or other extracurricular, consider bringing something that represents that part of your life. This will help paint a picture of your time at school and help your graduation photos stand out from the rest.

Graduation Photoshoot Inspiration

There are dozens of ways to style and edit your graduation photoshoot for unique, beautiful results. Here are a few graduation inspo pics to help you get started.

1. School Colors

Wearing your school colors to your graduation photoshoot is a great way to show off some school spirit. Plus, it takes some of the guesswork out of what to wear, and means your outfit will definitely go with your robes.

school colors

Want to create graduation photos that will really stand out? You can use the United Colors Effect – just one of the Photo Editor’s many Effects – to create a duotone image in your school’s colors, no matter what color you wore to the shoot. 

graduation photo shoot colors

2. Champagne Pop

Graduation is a time of celebration! Toast to your new degree by popping open a bottle of champagne. The spray will result in fun, charming photos that also capture the joy of this new milestone. 

graduation photo shoot champange

Make sure to take your champagne photos outdoors in daylight, and save them for the final leg of your photoshoot – it can get messy!

3. Extracurricular

Showcasing the extracurricular activities in your life will help capture your spirit and personality, making your graduation photos more unique and more you.

graduation photos activites

4. Architecture Backdrop

Old school buildings and towering columns make for amazing backdrops to your graduation pictures. Plus, you’ll be able to fondly reminisce on the campus whenever you see the photos. Head to school early in the morning for fewer crowds. Pose on steps and between arches for visually interesting compositions.

graduation photos buildings

If you haven’t hired a professional photographer for your graduation but still want professional results, try the A.I. Image Enhancer for one-click photo editing! This will bolster any photos that your friend or family member has taken, enhancing the exposure, shadows, and colors.

5. In Nature

When it comes to photoshoot backdrops, you can never go wrong with a waterfront or some beautiful flowers and trees. Parks are great for this – but if there are any serene and scenic spots right on your campus, even better!

graduation photos nature

6. With Friends

School friends are with you through thick and thin. Why not include them in your graduation photoshoot? Capture the joy and energy of this moment in time by getting your closest friend group together for photos. You’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and have more interesting posing opportunities. Plus, it gives you a great reason to look back at your graduation photos later on!

graduation photos friends

7. Fashion Forward

Want to show off your style? Throw back your gown or even wear it halfway so that your outfit is at the forefront. Now these are graduation pictures that people will stop and scroll through. Try posing with a hand on your hip for extra flair while holding back your gown.

graduation photos fashion

If you’re having a bad skin day or find yourself with an awkward smudge of eyeliner, don’t worry. You can use the Photo Editor’s Touch Up tools to fix any blemishes.

8. With Family

Whether it’s your parents, your siblings, your kids, or your extended family, celebrate the people who supported you throughout your academic career by featuring them in your graduation photoshoot. These photos will also make for great holiday cards.

graduation photos family

Celebrate Your Graduation With One-of-a-Kind Photos

You’ve worked hard to get here, and you deserve amazing photos to celebrate. Now that you’ve been inspired, you’re ready for a unique and memorable graduation photoshoot. Don’t forget - once you get your photos back, you can touch them up or transform them into something new with the Photo Editor!

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