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10 Inspiring Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

By Isabelle | Inspiration

So, the time has come to start planning for your maternity photoshoot. If you’ve never taken maternity photos before – or even if you have – it can feel a little exhausting to think about! You’ll have to consider when to take them, what you’ll wear, and how you’ll stay comfortable throughout the process, not to mention what kind of aesthetic is right for you. If you’re at a loss about where to start when it comes to your maternity photoshoot, don’t worry - we’ve got plenty of tips and ten great ideas right here that can serve as your inspiration. Once you’ve taken your maternity photos, you can design beautiful postcards with the Graphic Designer, or create your own framed prints with the Photo Editor.

What Week Should You Take Maternity Photos?

The best time to take your maternity photos is when you are around seven or eight months pregnant (around 26-35 weeks). This is the time when you’re fully showing but not uncomfortable moving around and not too close to your due date. Taking pictures around this time will make for the most beautiful maternity photos! If you’re having twins or any high-risk pregnancy, consider scheduling your photoshoot closer to 26 weeks than 35.

schedule your maternity photoshoot

As for booking your maternity photographer, it’s best to do so before the end of your second trimester – around your sixth month of pregnancy. This way, you have enough time to prepare for the shoot and discuss ideas with your photographer.

How to Dress for a Maternity Photoshoot

Because this photoshoot is all about your pregnancy, you should pick outfits that accentuate your bump! Dresses, both tight and flowy, work extremely well for maternity photos. Tulle dresses with flowing skirts work especially well for outdoor shoots. Bodycon dresses are amazing for showing off your bump, but make sure you’re comfortable with the fit!

dress for a maternity photoshoot

A tight sweater with jeans is another great option, and wearing lingerie with a flowy wrap or cardigan always makes for elegant photos. It all depends on what you’re comfortable in and what energy you’d like to bring to your photoshoot. Consider bringing two different outfits or wearing underwear that you’re comfortable shooting photos in. 

The best colors to wear to a maternity shoot are light colors like whites and pastels so that your bump will really show. Dark colors, like black and navy, should probably be left for a different photoshoot. Solids work better than patterns because they’re timeless and less distracting, but some patterns like big florals can work well too.

maternity photoshoot outfits

It’s always a good idea to discuss your outfit with your photographer beforehand. They’ve probably been doing this a while and will have some great suggestions for what to wear to your maternity shoot!

What to Bring to a Maternity Photoshoot

Again, it’s a great idea to talk with your maternity photographer for suggestions on what to bring. But sonogram pictures and baby clothes are potential props that you can use. More practically, make sure to bring water to stay hydrated and even snacks to keep your energy up. Because you’re moving around so much, having photos taken can be tiring, especially when you’re pregnant. 

maternity photoshoot what to. bring

10 Inspirational Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

It can be tough to figure out what vibe you want for your maternity shoot. What you choose will impact your poses, what you wear, and how your final photos will be edited. Here’s some maternity photoshoot inspiration to get you started!

1. Ethereal 

Ethereal maternity photoshoots are popular for a reason. You’re creating new life, and these photos will showcase that in the best possible light. Flowing dresses and soft warm lighting create angelic, otherworldly images. You can take ethereal maternity photos outdoors or in the studio, and either way end up with amazing results.

ethereal maternity photoshoot

2. Boudoir

Yes, maternity photoshoots can be sexy! Wear comfortable lingerie and get confident in front of the camera for intimate, elegant results.

boudoir maternity photoshoot

3. At Home

Taking maternity photos at home with your partner, family, or even on your own will result in cozy photos that capture exactly what your pregnancy has been like. Try out locations like the nursery, the kitchen, and your favorite comfy chair. You can read a book to your soon-to-be newborn for some especially sweet shots.

at home maternity photoshoot

4. Couples

You can’t go wrong with simple, classic couples maternity photos. For some photos, put attention on the baby by holding your bump, or having your partner kiss your belly. For others, you can celebrate your love just like you did with your wedding and engagement photos: Kisses, holding hands, and eye contact. Both kinds of photos will be beautiful memories to look at later on.

couples maternity photoshoot

5. Florals

Flowers are not only beautiful, but they’re also symbolic of new life and motherhood. Walk through a field of blooms at golden hour, or use bouquets of your favorite flowers for an unforgettable studio shoot.

floral maternity photoshoot

6. With Props

You can use baby clothes or your sonograms to create photos that will show your future child just how excited you were for their arrival!

props maternity photoshoot

7. Waterfront

Maternity photoshoots at lakes and rivers allow for beautiful reflections of light. Ocean shoots provide unbeatable backdrops and the breeze will create depth in your favorite skirts and dresses.

waterfront maternity photoshoot

8. In Nature 

Forests and fields are the perfect settings for a maternity photoshoot because the surrounding nature will be just as breathtaking as you are! Create amazing photos by simply walking around in a beautiful dress and showing off your bump.

nature maternity photoshoot

9. Family 

Including the whole family in your maternity photoshoot will result in memories that you’ll treasure for years to come. Posed shoots are wonderful, but you can also get great photos by just letting your kids be themselves!

family maternity photoshoot

10. Black & White

Black and white maternity photos are understated and elegant. A good photographer will make use of light and shadows to create shots that perfectly capture this brief moment in time.

black and white maternity photoshoot

Create Maternity Photos That You’ll Treasure

Now that you have all this inspiration at your fingertips, it’s time to decide what style of maternity photos is right for you! As long as you’re comfortable with yourself and your photographer, you’re sure to get amazing results. Once your photos are ready for you to use, you can easily create photo albums and postcards with the Graphic Designer. Or, make your own framed prints that you can display in your home for years to come with the Photo Editor!

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