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How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once With the Batch Image Resizer

By Rach DePaoli | Photo Editor Tutorials

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use the same-sized photo for every platform and medium you need? Unfortunately, nearly every social media platform and website has size requirements for photos, meaning you’ve got to have an image resizer handy to meet the specifications.

It’s easy to use BeFunky’s Resize tool to size photos one by one, but that process can be time-consuming if you’ve got a whole folder full of photos to resize. If you’re wondering how to resize multiple images at once, that’s where our Batch Image Resizer comes in! 

batch resize befunky supporting

BeFunky’s Batch Image Resizer allows you to edit the image size on an entire group of photos – all at once. Simply drag and drop all the images you want to resize, choose the percentage scale, or type in a precise pixel amount, and watch them all resize before your eyes. 

When to Use Photo Resizing

Whether you’re resizing YouTube thumbnails, editing images from a family photoshoot, or need to resize photos for any other reason, you can now bulk resize in a flash. It’s one of the many tools available in our Batch Photo Editor that will save you a tremendous amount of time in your photo editing process.

One of the other instances where the photo bulk resizer works wonders is when you need to send photo proofs to a client. Photo proofs allow clients to see what they are paying for, and they also ensure that upon showing their photos to the client for the first time, the client cannot download or screen capture the high-resolution prints and not pay for the work. You can create photo proofs in BeFunky and also add an extra layer of security to your photos by adding a custom watermark to all of your photos at once.

How to Batch Resize Images

Whether you have two photos to resize or two hundred, gather them all into a folder and head to BeFunky’s Batch Photo Editor to bulk resize them all at once. Alternatively, you can get there by clicking the Batch button at the top of the Photo Editor.

open batch photo editor

Step 1: Upload Your Photos to the Batch Resizer

Once you’re in the Batch Photo Editor, it is time to upload your photoshoot photos. You can select Add Images here or drag and drop your selection of photos directly into the batch processor. We will use these amazing photos by Rachel Claire to show you how to bulk resize multiple photos from a photoshoot.

batch resize tool

Step 2: Adjust and Apply the Batch Resizer Tool

Next, select Resize in the left-hand menu. You’ll need to decide how you want to resize your images. You can resize by Scale, Longest Side, Width, Height, and Exact Size. Resizing by Scale allows you to choose a percentage to reduce the image size.

If your image is too large and you don’t have a specific pixel amount in mind, reducing the size by 25% or even 50% can be a quick option. Scale is the option that we are going to use here.

adjust resize batch

If you do have a specific pixel amount in mind, any of the other options will allow you to type the dimensions in. Choose Longest Side to set the pixel amount of the longest side of the image, Width to set the pixel amount for the width, or Height to set the pixel amount for the height of the image. Choose Exact Size to type in specific dimensions for both the Width and Height, but note that this can stretch your image if it’s not already cropped to the right aspect ratio.

Before applying this tool, you can see the before and after image dimensions at the bottom of each photo. This is a helpful way to see the dimensions before making any final adjustments. If it all looks good, press Apply to resize your batch of images. 

Step 3: Save Your Resized Photos

When you are all finished resizing, select the Save button at the top of the Batch Processing interface.

save batch resizer

From here, select JPG. I like to set my Quality to 99, which keeps the quality high for the images but helps to keep the file size lower. 

If you are creating photo proofs for a client, you can resize them, set them to a lower quality, and add a watermark for protection. We don’t need to do that here.

save quality

Once you select Save Images, another menu will appear where you can download the images. Simply select Download Images. These newly resized photoshoot images will appear in your downloads in a zipped file. When you open the file, your converted proofs will be there.

download save items

Batch Resize With BeFunky’s Batch Image Resizer

BeFunky’s Batch Image Resizer is just one of the many batch photo editing tools we have available - be sure to check out the rest of the tools and effects available in our Batch Photo Editor and explore all the different ways you can edit multiple photos at once! You can even create your own customized tools menu to access all your favorite tools and effects any time you edit in Batch.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified