Are you struggling to resize your photos with a good quality result?

Resizing images can be challenging because it is easy to overdo the modifications and accidentally distort your photos. 

An Editing Tool That "Sizes Up"

To change image size, to increase image size, or shrink the image, you can use the BeFunky Resize Tool. This tool will help you achieve the picture size you want without losing details in the image or having it become stretched out. It offers locked aspect ratios and pixel-by-pixel control. This gives you professional quality results while making it easy to resize images unlike some other software out there.  

It's important to preserve detail and keep sharpness intact when resizing images. Luckily, you're in the right place to make it happen.

Step 1: Select Your Photo

To get started, upload your image to the Photo Editor by selecting the Open dropdown menu at the top of the page, or drag-and-drop an image right into the interface for even quicker uploading. In the Edit menu on the left, select Resize.

resize image tool by BeFunky

Pro Tip: To get the exact print size you're looking for, you may need to use a combination of the Resize and Crop tools.

Optional: Lock Aspect Ratio

Now you need to decide whether to use the Lock Aspect Ratio feature or not. If you decide to use it, it will keep the dimensions in your photograph in proportion to one another. When you increase height, the width will grow right along with it. If you adjust the width, the height of your photo will automatically change as well, keeping the sizing balanced. 

how to resize images in BeFunky

The Lock Aspect Ratio will automatically be checked when you begin editing. If you want to use it, do nothing! If you would like to turn it off, just uncheck the box.

Pro Tip: Although unchecking Lock Aspect Ratio gives you creative freedom, images can become distorted and appear squished if stretched too much. Use this feature with caution!

Step 2: Change the Pixel Size

Now it's time to adjust the scale and or pixels of your image whether you want to increase the size of your image or decrease the image size. 

resize image tool by BeFunky

To do this, click the up and down arrows under Width and Height to adjust the size on a pixel-by-pixel basis, or under X and Y if you prefer to work with percentages. If you know the exact dimensions needed, you can click on the number in the box and type in your new measurements. It's super easy to get the perfect dimensions for all your needs whether you’re preparing the perfect Facebook profile pic, adjusting an image to fit that picture frame you’ve been meaning to fill, or resizing for any other photo-specific needs.

See Resizing Images for a live demonstration. 

Pro Tip: Increasing the resolution of a low res photo is called unpressing. If you do this, it will most likely cause distortion and blurring. So even though it can be tempting, don't increase resolution beyond a photos capacity.

Optional: Rescale Your Photo

Remember if you have the lock aspect ratio checked when you type the desired width in pixels, the height will automatically adjust to keep the image at the right scale. If you need to type in specific width and height you will want to uncheck the Lock Aspect Ratio feature. Just make sure the image does not get distorted when you do so. 

Step 3: Crop as Needed

If the image is becoming distorted you can use the crop feature before resizing it into the desired pixels. For example, if you are wanting a square photo for Instagram but have a rectangle photo you can use the Crop Tool to cut a square from the best part of the photo and then change pixel size to your desired resolution. 

If you are printing the images you will need to convert inches to pixels to make sure your photos fit a certain frame. We have a conversion chart for you here. These tools work together to get you a high-quality image at just the right dimensions that you need no matter the size of the original photo.  

Are You Ready to Resize Your Photos Without Risk of Distortion?

Here’s the high-quality image I achieved with the BeFunky Resize Tool. It was so easy to get just the focus I wanted with the exact aspect ratios with Befunky’s tools. Before this tool, my photos would always get distorted or I would end up with focus on an area of the photo that I didn’t want. 

how to resize images in BeFunky

Now it is so easy to crop and resize for that perfect social media moment. 

Try it out for yourself now!

Change the Size. Keep the Quality.

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