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8 Must-Have Wedding Photos

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

A wedding is said to be the best day of our lives. After all, it’s not every day you say “I do” to spending the rest of your life with that special someone. While the day goes in the blink of an eye, however, one thing remains – the beautiful memories immortalized in photo form.

This is what makes wedding photography one of the most important aspects of any big day. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure you take the right photographs that can be enjoyed for decades to come.

So, what are the must-have pictures for a wedding? Here’s a wedding photography shot list to ensure you don’t miss a special moment!

The Getting Ready Moments

As the day begins and the pre-wedding jitters set in, the couple will start getting primed for their special day. While hair and makeup usually take the longest amount of time, it’s what comes afterward that makes for some beautiful memories.

For a groom, photographers should capture some candid shots of a loved one assisting him with his tie or cuff links; whether it be a father, best friend, or close relative.

For a bride, a loved one helping to button up the back of her dress or buckle the strap of her heel also makes for a candid, yet special moment.

It’s photos like these that remind the couple of the support they had around them on their big day.

wedding photos getting ready

The Walk Down the Aisle

Whether done alone, with a parent on one arm, or both parents on either side – there’s something incredibly special about a bride’s walk down the aisle. For many of the guests, it’s the first time they’ll see the bride in her beautiful attire. However, for the bride, it’s about those special strides she takes toward her soon-to-be spouse. It usually also marks the moment she sees her partner for the first time.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to get some long shots featuring the bride and any guests around her as they look on. It’s also recommended to capture some close images of the bride’s reactions as she gets closer and closer to her special someone.

wedding photos walking the aisle

The First Look

Speaking of walking down the aisle, you’ll also want to be capturing the awaiting partner’s reactions during this time. It’s often the first time they’ll set their eyes upon their bride, making it an emotional and heartfelt moment.

Some couples also prefer to have a private “first look” before the ceremony. This can make it easier from a photography point of view, as you’re able to capture both partners’ reactions within a single frame. Either way, this is one must-have moment a bride and groom will cherish for years to come.

wedding photos first look

The First Kiss

Once the vows have been recited and the matrimony has been declared, it’s time for the ceremony's highlight: the first kiss as a married couple. For some, it’s a tender and sweet moment. For others, it’s a fist-pumping few seconds of unbridled joy and cheers.

This must-have photo can be approached in a few ways to capture the true emotions of the moment. Try taking close-up shots, as well as some long shots that also include the surrounding venue and guests looking on.

wedding photos first kiss

The Recessional

After the moment is made official, the celebrations begin! The recessional is the moment after the ceremony when the newlyweds walk up the aisle together – often under a shower of confetti.

This makes for one of the most adored photos of a wedding, especially as the joy of the couple and their guests really shines through.

Plus, the beautiful bokeh-style blurs of confetti are totally worth it!

wedding photos recessional

The Wedding Party

Once the ceremony is over, it’s the perfect time to steal the newlyweds and their wedding party away for some group photos. These people are by their side for a good reason, so it’s a must that the newlyweds receive some special images to commemorate these friendships.

Whether quirky, candid, or posed, there are a lot of ways you can turn these group shots into the most fun wedding photos. As a minimum, however, ensure you capture an image of the bride with her bridesmaids, the groom with his groomsmen, and then an image featuring the entire wedding party with the happy couple.

wedding photos wedding party

The First Dance

The first dance is another emotional highlight of a wedding. With dimmed lighting, an often-bare dancefloor, and dress-sweeping movement, it’s the perfect time to get some stunning imagery of the newlyweds.  

For couples who choose to forego the traditional first dance, those candid moments on the dance floor together can still make for priceless photos.

wedding photos first dance

The Send-Off

The send-off marks the final moments of a wedding day, as the guests farewell the bride and groom. This moment provides a must-have photo opp because it often contains sparklers, candles, or even a good old-fashioned archway formed by the guests clapping hands.

By framing this image with the couple in the center and the guests on each side, you can capture a perfectly composed photo to finalize the big day.

wedding photos send off

Your Wedding Photography Shot List, Sorted

A wedding is a huge day in anyone’s life, so it’s vital that its most special moments are captured perfectly. While there’s a lot going on from minute to minute, these 8 key photo opportunities simply shouldn’t be ignored.

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