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8 Must-Have Wedding Photos

By Matthew Celeste | Inspiration

There's millions of Wedding Inspiration shot lists out on the internet. To be honest, from a photographer's perspective, the majority of them are pretty bad. Most of them are so blatantly obvious that they're not very useful. Things like "Bride and Groom" or "Cake" are obvious ones that don't really need to be on a list.

I wanted to give you eight photos that you probably won't find on any of those other lists (ok, maybe some you will) that you'll want to make sure your photographer captures. Here we go...

1) The Bride, immediately after she gets in her dress.

Bride - Blueflash Photography

This is usually a very emotional time since the reality of the wedding really starts to sink in at this point. She'll look at herself in the mirror, her mother or sister will shoot her a look that will make her break down, or she'll just get overwhelmed that she'll be walking down the aisle in an hour's time.

2) Details! (shoes, handwritten vows, etc…).

Wedding Shoes Photo Blueflash

The day flies by and the small details get forgotten. Fast. It's good to get these captured in photographic form. These types of photos also give a nice context to your collection of images.

3) Groom, when he sees bride for the first time.

Another emotional moment (weddings are full of them, aren't they?). The door opens for the bride to come down and he sees her for the first time in her dress. If you're lucky you can catch a tear streaking down the groom's face. This is one of the best reaction shots of the day.

4) Genuine Interactions Between Guests.

Weddings are made up of real people living real life. Photos should show these interactions and moments. Candids catch people looking their best if done right because people are most natural when they don't know their photo is being taken.

5) Parents and other immediate family’s emotional reactions during ceremony.

More emotion, more reaction! A second photographer should be focused on capturing the reactions of the front row of guests when key moments happen during the ceremony. A laugh, a tear, a side hug from their significant other sitting next to them... These are all really nice to have.

6) Bride and Father walking down the aisle.

Blueflash Bride Father Aisle

OK so this one's probably on the other internet lists but I had to include it. This is one of those moments a lot of girls wait their whole first quarter of their lives for. Get a picture of it!

7) Creative Portraits with Bride and Groom.

Blueflash Bride Groom Kiss

This is where most of our favorite images fall out of. Be sure to set enough time aside to get these creative photos that you'll want in your album and on your wall. You'll be looking your best on your wedding day so take advantage of it and get some photos!

8) A Photo of Bride with each Bridesmaid individually and the same for the groom and groomsmen.

Bridal party photos are nice, but you picked each person individually for a reason and it's great to have a photo of each one with you. It only takes a couple minutes to have it done if your photographer is efficient, so make sure it happens!

Hopefully this list is a little different than the others and gets you thinking a tiny bit outside the box for your wedding day!

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