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How To Create Valentine’s Day Cards In Our Collage Maker!

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Valentine's Day is almost here, and you know what that means= Love Cards! And we have the most beautiful, romantic and funny cards for YOU in our Collage Maker so that you can show that special one how much they mean to you.

Creating these cards is so easy, you already have the Valentine's Day Card template and tons of creative tools to have fun with on the Collage Maker and Photo Editor.  Follow these steps to create an amazing Valentine's Card, all in under 10 minutes!

1. Choose your Valentine's Card Template on the Collage Maker and add a photo.

Love Couple Valentine Card2

2. Edit your photo right from the Collage Maker with BeFunky's Tool Set!

Love Couple Valentine Card

3. Finish your Valentine's Card by adding a sweet background color and romantic goodies!

BeFunky_Love Couple Card

BeFunky Pro Tip: As you saw, these cards work the same way our other cards work, you change the color of the card or add a soft texture (e.g. above), by opening it in our Photo Editor and using the Soften effect or our Essentials options!

Other Cards you can easily create:

Happy Valentines Day Love2
I love You Valentines Card
I find you apeeling Valentines Card
Animal Lover Fox Valentine Card
Elegant Valentines Day Card

Premium Subscribers: you also have access to even more options to be thoughtful by giving an adorable card to your loved ones!

Chocolate, Flowers, and BeFunky Cards go hand in hand to celebrate a wonderful Valentine's Day, create yours now!

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