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Valentine’s Day Cards for Every Relationship Status

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials Inspiration

One of the most controversial days is upon us: Valentine’s Day. What used to be a holiday to fill people’s self-decorated shoeboxes with sweet little notes has morphed into a day where you must choose whether you will keep the magic alive or leave those sweet childhood memories in the past. Our opinion? Why not have a day designated to celebrating love, especially during a time when we could all use a bit more of it sprinkled in our day?

Although you could run to the store and buy some pre-made valentines, what better way to show your love than to make one by hand just like old times? Nowadays, making it by hand means creating something digitized, but it still gives you the flexibility to say exactly what you want in your own words.

BeFunky’s Designer has the perfect templates for you to make your next unforgettable Valentine’s Day card. Whether you are making one for a friend, the love of your life, or a secret admirer - check out the inspirations below to help kickstart your creativity.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards

Sometimes it is difficult to know the right approach when wanting to share your feelings. It is important to know your "audience." How would they like to be communicated to? Do you have a relationship built on fun and laughter? Think about sending a card with a joke or pun. Do you want to convey your deepest heartfelt emotions? Create a romantic card. Take a look at each one of these inspirations and determine the best fit for your love.

For the Secret Admirer

Got a crush, but still testing the waters? Approach this one with a little subtlety and a dash of flirtation. Not only does BeFunky have pre-made templates with the perfect messaging, but you are also able to design your own card to fit your feelings. So, whether you find a funny pickup line on the web or you find a cute pun to convey your emotions, keep the message light and just let someone know that you think they are special. If you’re feeling extra courageous - and seriously, life is too short to live in fear of rejection, follow up and let the person know it was from you. Who knows? This may be the first spark of your summer fling or long-term thing.

secret admirer valentines card example

This is a design with photo inspiration. You don’t always have to create designs that are based with graphic elements. Try a photo or mix and match to create something truly unique.

For Galentine’s Day

An offshoot of Valentine’s Day that has become a holiday of its own is Galentine’s Day - a day to show appreciation to your best friends. This is a perfect time to round your ladies up and let them know how much you appreciate their friendship. We all know that these are the friends who are on the phone with us hyping us up after a breakup and the ones who are routinely encouraging us each step of the way. It’s noteworthy to mention that these ladies will outlast many of your partners and deserve a card and maybe even a trophy.

galentines valentines card example

For a New Fling or a Long-Term Thing

This card is for the ones who have a boo or a bae and simply want to say: Bae Mine. Whether you just got into a relationship, or you’ve been dating for years - sending a card to your partner can do everything from making them feel special or appreciated, to rekindling an age-old love.

relationship valentines card example

Create a card based on something that you both like to do together. It could be hiking or the outdoors, or even playing cards - there is a message for everyone. 

For the Funny One

Using a pun, a joke, or just straight irony is a great way to lighten the mood, if that’s what your partner enjoys. Sometimes love can feel so serious that inviting some joy back into the partnership can do wonders for connecting with someone. This is a great option for someone that you share countless inside jokes. Creating a card based on your experiences together is always something that touches the heart and feels more personal. 


For the Romantic

For all you love birds out there who just can’t help but gush about the love of your life, or who write lengthy Instagram captions about your partner showcasing all of the wonderful things about them, this is the route for you. You are usually good with words, it is just a matter of putting those in writing and including some sentimental pictures. Create something that your partner would want to keep for years to come to look back on and smile over.

romantic valentines card example

A Valentine's Day Card for Everyone

Valentine’s Day offers an amazing opportunity for you to express your feelings to the ones you love, appreciate, and adore. Whether you are wanting to spark something with a crush, tell your friends how much you appreciate them, or you want to share something heartfelt with your partner, this holiday opens the door for all of your romantic dreams to come true. 

Try your hand at creating a card so that the message comes across more personalized than if you were to just rush to the store last minute and pick up a standard note. With BeFunky’s Designer, all it takes is a few clicks for you to create a world of love.

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