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Tips For Planning The Perfect Galentine’s Day

By Whitney | Designer Tutorials Inspiration

Word on the street is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about romance. Leslie Knope had the best idea when she came up with Galentine’s Day - the perfect holiday to celebrate the best ladies in your life! If you find yourself wallowing at the thought of another Valentine’s Day spent single, or simply want to spend a well-planned day with the gals, consider this awesome alternative.

galentines day meme by BeFunky

Don’t know the first thing about planning an awesome Galentine’s Day? Don’t worry. We’ll help you channel your inner Leslie Knope and whip up the perfect menu, fun activities, and all the ways to make your best friends feel special! Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Plan Your Activities

The best part about Galentine’s Day is it can be as low-key or fancy as you want. You know your ladies best, so plan out some activities that will be fun for everyone. Some of our favorite ideas:

A Movie (or Netflix!) Marathon. Whether it’s going to be a sleepover or not, have your friends come in their comfiest clothes and have a marathon night of rom coms, Netflix shows, or Lifetime movies. Make sure there’s plenty of casual comfort food, drinks, and laughter/talking definitely allowed.  

A Fancy Candlelight Dinner. If you’re into designing Pinterest-worthy soirèe’s, why not bless your friends with a grand table spread?

what to do for Galentine

Make it complete with fresh flower arrangements, bubbly drinks, and all the fancy foods.

A Gift Exchange. At the original Galentine’s Day from Parks and Recreation, Leslie showers her friends with gifts. You can definitely go above and beyond to get a little something for everyone, but consider making it a gift exchange! Just set a price maximum to make sure people don’t go overboard.

DIY valentine

Keep It Traditional. If your friends are all about Parks and Rec, try to plan the evening exactly like Leslie Knope would have.


Plan a breakfast menu, give everyone a personalized gift, and don’t forget the 5,000 word essay for each of your friends (to tell them why they’re so awesome!).

Step 2: Design A Leslie Knope Inspired Menu

The only thing Leslie loves just as much as her friends, it’s food. Specifically, waffles. If you’re sticking to the Parks and Rec theme, think about having a waffle bar, calzones, steak, Paunch Burgers, or all of the above. It’s totally welcomed to make your Galentine’s Day unique and stray from this theme, but make sure you have plenty of comfort (or fancy!) food to feed your gals.


If you’re going for a more formal Galentine’s Day, consider designing some menus with the free design templates in the Designer! You’ll find plenty of menu templates under the Event Graphics category. Using the same drag-and-drop, click-and-type methods you can design something awesome to accompany your dishes. Here’s a full tutorial on how to create custom menus.

Step 3: Create The Perfect Invites

Sure, you can start a group text thread to see when your ladies are available, but why not take it a step further with some Galentine’s Day invites? Luckily, with BeFunky’s Designer you can create super fun invitations in minutes. Print them out to give your friends or send them digitally, either way, it will make Galentine’s Day something to really look forward to!

To start, head to the Designer and select the Invitations category from the Event Graphics tab on the left. Here, you’ll find a huge library of invitation templates to customize in just a few clicks. Just choose your favorite one to start designing!

DIY Invitation templates in BeFunky

With your invitation template chosen, you can start by changing the text. Clicking on any textbox within the template will bring up a Text Properties toolbar that you can use to change the font, font color, sizing, and more. Start typing the details of your party and a fun invitation message in the textboxes.

DIY Galentine

If you want to change the background of the invitation template, you can head to the Background tab to change the background color, or to the Image Manager tab to upload photos to use. If there’s already a photo in the background of your template, simply drag a new image over it until it turns opaque, then drop the new image in to replace it.

free Galentine

Feel free to add all the graphics and stickers you want by clicking on the Design Elements tab (looks like a triangle). You’ll find tons of graphics categories for adding that extra something to your Galentine’s Day invitations.

DIY Galentine

Finally, use the Save button at the top of the Designer to save your Galentine’s Day invitation to your chosen destination, after which you can print them out to give in person, or send them digitally!

Step 4: Design The Perfect Galentine’s Day Cards

If you’re a little apprehensive about writing a Knope-style 5,000 word essay for each of your friends, consider creating Galentine’s Day cards instead! You can use the Valentine’s Day Card templates available in BeFunky’s Card Maker to customize to your liking. You’ll find them in the Greeting Cards category. When you find one you like, select it.

DIY Valentine

If you’ve chosen a template that has an image, switch it out to include an image of your friend using the Image Manager tab in the main menu on the left. Once there, you can upload a photo from your Computer and drag-and-drop the thumbnail over the existing photo in the template.

DIY Galentines Day cards by BeFunky

Next, write a heartfelt message to tell your friend why she’s so amazing. You can click on any of the textboxes in the template and begin typing. Use the Text Properties toolbar that appears to change the font, font color, size, and more. Let your creativity run wild, and don’t be afraid to go a little over-the-top, like Leslie always does.


If you need a little extra pizazz, try adding some fun graphics using the Design Elements tab. You’ll find plenty of graphics, icons, and stickers to really make your Galentine’s Day card pop.

Once your Galentine’s Day card is looking perfect, click the Save button at the top of the Designer. We recommend using the Save As Project feature so that you can save your card in an editable format, that way you can keep customizing it for each friend that RSVP’s to your Galentine’s Day party instead of starting over from scratch!

free Galentine

When you complete each card, use the Save button to save it to your Computer as well. From there, you can print each card to give to your ladies in person.  

Step 5: Party On

With the perfect Galentine’s Day planned, your invitations sent, and all the fine details and gifts taken care of, all that’s left to do is enjoy it! Be sure to take tons of photos for memories.

How to plan Galentine

Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition you and your friends can look forward to every year!

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