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Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Galentine’s Day

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

When Valentine’s day feels too romantic or you’re too single, there is a simple solution: Galentine’s Day. Gather up your ladies and throw a party that celebrates your friendships instead! Execute a Galentine’s Day that feels as meticulously planned as the person who coined the phrase – Leslie Knope. Originally, the idea was introduced in 2010 in a Parks and Recreation episode. However, it wasn’t added to the official dictionary until 2022. It can now be celebrated in all its glory with your gal pals, and BeFunky has 4 tips on how to make it flawless. 

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4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Galentine’s Day

Celebrate friendships of any kind with a Galentine’s day so well planned that there is no room for anything but fun. With these 4 tips, your pals will be partying in no time. 

1. Decide on Activities

The best part about Galentine’s day is that it can be as fancy or as laid back as you want it to be. There is no need to fuss over uncomfortable outfits and dinners out with food you can't pronounce when you instead could plan a party that is perfect for your pals. Here are some of our favorite suggestions: 

Dinner for Breakfast

Planning dinner for breakfast is a favorite for our main character, but it is also a fun way to break up the standard everyday flow. Either plan your own waffle bar or go out to a cool local breakfast joint! 

waffle breakfast

Netflix Binge

Have a movie marathon, or binge-watch a show with your gal pals in your most comfortable loungewear. We suggest starting from season 2 episode 16 of Parks and Recreation to learn all about the origins of Galentine's Day!

Gift Exchange

Planning a gift exchange with your ladies is a fun way to make sure everyone is celebrated! A White Elephant gift can be a fun way to get a few laughs and to be positive that all your ladies have something fun to open. 

2. Design the Perfect Invitations

A group text could work for extending your Galentine’s invitation, but why not go all out and make an invite you’re proud of? With the help of BeFunky’s Graphic Designer, you can create the invitation of your dreams to send to your gal pals. Simply search 'Invite' in the Templates section of the Graphic Designer, and click on it to get to work customizing it. 

choose template

You are able to change the background color by selecting the customize tab, and selecting the color that you prefer. 

change background color

Be sure to edit the message so that it’s on brand for your party. Simply click on the text box and customize it to include important info. You can make the text bigger or smaller by dragging the corners of the text box, or by using the Text Properties menu for more specific sizing. Adjust the color of the text by selecting the color swatch on the left side of the interface for a more personalized effect. 

galentines customize template

In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to make the perfect Galentine’s Day card and send them out to your friends all in a few clicks. If you are creating it on the BeFunky Mobile App, you can save it to your phone's camera roll and send it to your gal pals directly! 

galentines invite after
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3. Customize a Galentine’s Day Card

Forget the Leslie Knope-inspired 5000-word essay for each of your friends, and opt for something a bit more simple . . . a Galentine’s Day card! BeFunky’s Card Maker is super simple to use like the Invitation Maker in Tip 3, and is a great way to customize a sentiment to your gals. Take inspiration from Valentine’s Day cards, and get started on creating your own! Add some of your own personal touches like photos of your gals and write a heartfelt message or keep it quirky with a Galentine’s Day quote; either way, it will look good and be appreciated. 

4. Create an On-Brand Menu

Leslie Knope loves her gal pals, but not as much as she loves waffles. If you're planning to eat in or cook yourself, plan a breakfast spread that is fit for the original gal with the help of BeFunky’s Graphic Designer. Customize whichever template you choose by adding some photos, graphics, or whatever else fits your vibe! If you're eating out, you can also use a menu template to create an itinerary for the fun to come.

galentines menu

Start Planning Your Galentine’s Day Party! 

Party on, and get your Galentine’s groove on. With your activities, menu, and invites made, all that is left is to throw the actual party and share your cards or presents with your friends. Snap lots of photos to keep the memories for ages to come. Perhaps this becomes your new tradition with your best friends – one that is Knope-approved. And for all of your design needs, BeFunky is here to help make it happen. 

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