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Using BeFunky’s Collage Editor To Make A Film Strip

By Stephanie Campisi | Inspiration

Daikaiju. It's a Japanese word basically meaning "huge, scary monster". Think Godzilla and Mothra, and things that destroy buildings.

Fortunately the one I encountered in Osaka was of the less terrifying variety.

Giant duck ready to fight Godzilla.
Giant duck ready to fight Godzilla.

Even so, I kept a close eye on the duck, just in case it decided to go on a Godzilla-esque rampage.

In fact, I took so many photos of the giant duck that flicking through the photo album on my phone was like watching a short film, still by still.

Why not leverage the powers of the online BeFunky photo editor to create an old-school snippet of film? Here's how.

Upload the first of the images you want to incorporate into your film strip. Touch up, crop and resize as needed in the “Edit” panel.

Head over to the “Effect” panel and opt for an appropriately anachronistic filter. I’ve gone for tried-and-true Black & White, but Sepia and Old Photo are good bets as well.

A screenshot of the black and white filter options in the BeFunky effects panel.

Next, go to the “Frames” panel and click “Film Strip”. Select your preferred frame, and adjust its positioning, opacity and color of choice. Save your image. Pick your preferred film-style frame from the editor options.

Pick your preferred film-style frame from the editor options.

Do the same for the other images that you want to include in your film strip collage.

Once you have a solid assortment of images, click on the BeFunky logo at the top left of your screen and select the Collage Maker from the drop down menu.

The first step is to upload the photos that you want to incorporate into your collage. Click the “Upload” button, and then “Add Photos”.

Uploading photos to the Befunky collage editor

Now we just need to organize our photos.

Head to “Templates” and then “Featured”. I’ve selected the long, thin column option featured here; there are also other column options in the “Grid” section of the editor, or alternatively you can create your own template.

When you’ve selected your preferred template, it’ll appear on your screen as a blank canvas awaiting some Drag and Drop action. Click on the Plus sign on the topmost box, and then select “Add photo”. This will give you the option to either upload a file, or to select one of your pre-loaded photos.

Drag and drop your photos into your BeFunky collage.

Drop your photos into the template and order accordingly. Now, head back to the menu and click “Settings”.

Here you can play around with the spacing, corners and background color of your film strip. I’ve opted for a simple black in keeping with the old-school Godzilla vibe.


And here's the end result. Look at the menace in those beady little eyes.

BeFunky duck film-strip collage
Duckzilla, captured on film.

Of course, after all this, I couldn't just let the duck go. Here it is again, movie poster style, thanks to BeFunky's "Sunburst" filter and text effects.

Duckzilla, movie poster style thanks to BeFunky

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