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5 Do’s After The Marriage Proposal

By Kelsey Wilburn | Inspiration

Getting engaged ranks high up on the "happiest moments" list in most people's lives. It's one of those magic times that's just about the couple. No family, no drunk uncles (at least, I hope not!), no microphones, no DJs, just two people about to start a romantic journey. When I got engaged, it felt like this frozen moment of time, surrounded by a blur of smiles, tears, and absolute love. As of yet, nothing much has compared to that evening under the stars.

Celebrating With Champagne

A proposal is often followed by a giant flurry of phone calls, congratulations, a long series of parties, and a giant list of "to dos" that can be really stressful and daunting. In my experience, that first week after getting engaged, I just smiled ear to ear. The second week? I started calling venues and thinking about who to invite and who not to invite, and the smile faded a bit. In order to avoid launching headfirst into the stress that can be wedding planning, here are my do's for right after your happy proposal!

1. DO LET it sink in for a few days before starting to plan. When my fiance and I got engaged, we agreed that we wouldn't do any wedding planning for at least a week. We didn't set a date. We didn't think about venues. We just sat around in our living room, holding hands, drinking champagne and smiling. It emphasized just how special the moment was!

2. DO KEEP it private and off of social media for a few days. This might be controversial, but I think there's nothing that cheapens such a special moment like immediately posting a blurry ring photo to Facebook minutes after getting engaged. During engagement season, and especially around Valentine's Day when so many couples get engaged, your Facebook and Instagram feed are often flooded with Valentine's Day proposal stories (6 million people will propose or expect a proposal on February 14th!). Waiting and personally calling close family members, emailing close friends, and texting your friend group always feels so much more personal!

3. DO INSURE your ring, immediately. Is it worth it to worry about garbage disposals, sink drains, and robbers every single day? No! Insure that ring! You don't want that sparkler to be sparkling at the bottom of the sea.

Yellow Flowers Wedding Preparation

4. DO BUY wedding magazines or indulge your pinning desires. Even if you're following engagement "do" #1, buy that wedding magazine or start that Pinterest Wedding Inspiration Board (let's be honest, you can just make your secret wedding board public, too!). There's something that just seals the magic in like beautiful inspiration. Just think of how pretty your engagement ring will look against the glossy pages of a wedding magazine or pinning those drool-worthy first-look shots!

5. When you do decide to make your engagement public, DO SHARE a meaningful, beautiful photo that tells a story! As an engagement onlooker, I love to hear the whole story - proposal details, ring picture, all of it! As with tip #2, no one likes a blurry ring photo or a simple text update on Facebook: "We're engaged." We want the story!

Engagement Ring Photo Tips2

- Be sure your nails look fabulous. A simple coat of red or pink polish elevates your photo.
- Be sure to take a photo in daylight on a light colored surface! A grainy photo in the dark next to a cocktail rarely stuns!
- Edit your photos just to add a pop of light and contrast, without overpowering the beauty of your ring!
- Make your social media share just as gorgeous as the moment itself!


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