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The Art Of The Thank You Card

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials

Up until the last two decades, thank you cards have been a primary means of expressing sincere gratitude for many different occasions. Now a days, just shoot ‘em a text or write them an email, right?

“Hey bro, thanks for your help with that thing yesterday.”

We’ve evolved into quite a sincere human race, haven’t we?

Texting and email are completely relevant in today’s culture, but if we are all honest, how many times have your texts been lost in translation with another person? The rapid fire of texts often times makes them lose their meaning and they can come across as insincere. If you truly want to stand out and make an impact, taking the time to write a sincere note is the best way to express your true gratitude.

When To Write A Thank You Card

Writing a thank you card can be difficult to start if it has been quite some time since the last one. You might not know what to say or worry that your handwriting looks too messy. Here’s the thing, people will always appreciate the time you took to sit down and write your thoughts and feelings out. And the charming handwriting? That is just a bonus.


So the real question is, when is a good time to write a thank you card? If you fit under any of these situations, get crackin’.

  • When someone goes out of their way to do something for you
  • After a job interview
  • When someone does something that warms your heart
  • When someone invites you over for dinner or welcomes you into their home as a guest
  • When someone gets you a gift
  • When you want to tell your sibling how much you appreciate them
  • When you messed up and are grateful someone has stuck around
  • Thanking a teacher who took you under their wing
  • Because you feel like it.

Thank you cards are an outstanding way to show your appreciation. The thing that matters the most are the words you use to express yourself. But let’s be honest, a good design lasts forever. People save thank you cards because of the sentiment but also if they are funny or beautiful! If a handwritten card is for the achiever, a good design is for the overachiever and we are here to make sure you get a gold star for this one. Creating Thank You cards with BeFunky is so simple, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t done this in the past.

How To Create A Custom Thank You Card With BeFunky

Open BeFunky’s Designer. On the left hand side, select Templates and then Thank You Cards. Pick a design that you like.


Click on the background photo and select the Replace Image button in the menu. Choose a photo from your computer to use. This can be a photo of your guests, of the birthday person, or of the happy couple! If you want to make changes to the photo, select Open In Photo Editor from the Image Properties box that appears when you click on the photo. This button will navigate you to BeFunky's Photo Editor so you can make edits and add all the effects you want! 


If you do not have a nice quality photo, don’t fret. Click on the Image Manager tab in the left hand toolbar and select the ellipses (...) button. From here you can search over 1 million free stock photos from Pixabay and select as many as you'd like to incorporate into your design.

Next, highlight the text in the template and select a font that you love. BeFunky has a host of fonts for you to choose from. If you are particularly drawn to a font you already own, BeFunky includes any font you have installed on your computer. Just find the tab that says Yours when you're searching fonts.


As you can see on this thank you card, we chose a yellow color for the text that doesn’t quite stand out from that white overlay behind it.


If you are running into the same problem, select the text and duplicate it. Change the color of the new text to something a little darker, but in the same color family. 


Lastly, move the text behind the lighter text to create a drop shadow effect. You can use your arrow keys to move the text so that it looks like what is shown below. This helps with precision!


All of BeFunky's thank you card templates have been pre-designed by professional graphic designers, so they're a handy guide for you to use as you customize. If you want to add a little something more, use the main menu to change the background color, add icons and overlays, and more!

Ways to Send and Share

If you want to stick to the digital world, BeFunky makes it super easy to share with your friends and family. Just click the Share drop down menu at the top of the page and select the Facebook option. Post this to your friends’ wall through BeFunky or send a personalized Facebook message and attach the photo to it.


If you want to do things the old school way, save the file onto your computer as a high quality JPG. Open up a new document in Google Drive and drag your photo to the top left corner. Print on the paper of your choice  and trim the excess edges away. Fold, stuff, seal, and send!

Imagine, after coming home from a stressful day on the job, you walk to your mailbox and grab the usual stack of bills and you see it, a handwritten letter addressed to you. You can’t help but feel an immediate boost of curiosity and delight. You could be that boost in a loved one’s day.


With all of these skills you just learned, think about someone you’d like to thank today and make it a point to set some time apart this month to write out your thoughts and appreciation.

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