Make Them Smile With Personalized Thank You Cards

Craft a personalized thank you card in minutes by using one of our professionally designed templates.

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Say Goodbye to Generic Thank You Cards

When it comes to saying thank you, the more personal your message, the better. You could spend hours in the aisle at the supermarket trying to find the perfect thank you card that expresses your sentiment, but why would you? Instead, create personalized thank you cards in minutes with BeFunky's Card Maker!

BeFunky Thank You Card templates

An Easy Way to Express Gratitude

BeFunky's Graphic Designer offers a collection of customizable thank you card templates for weddings, graduation, baby showers, and many other occasions. Packed with easy-to-use tools, our Designer is perfect for the graphic design novice. Our simplified drag-and-drop interface paired with easily customizable graphics and fonts will leave your thank you cards looking professionally designed.

Add text to your Thank You card

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Tired of searching the internet for the perfect image or graphic to complete your thank you card? Through our Designer, you'll have access to over a million free stock images courtesy of our partners Pixabay and Pexels. Just type in your search term, and you'll instantly be shown thousands of results right in BeFunky. 

Free stock photos in BeFunky

Say Thank You From Anywhere 

Download the mobile app to create custom thank you cards on the go. Make them smile!

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How to Create a Thank You Card

Personalize your thank you card in minutes

Select Thank You template

01. Select Your Template

Select a Thank You card template from BeFunky's Designer.

Add photos to template

02. Add Your Photos

Swap out the photo with a more personalized image.

Customize your card

03. Customize It

Customize your fonts and graphics.

Save your card

04. Save It

Save your thank you card as a project for editing later and export a final version.

Thank You Cards by BeFunky