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How HartkePR Amps Up The Creativity With Their PR

By Whitney | Case Studies

After twenty years in the sales industry, Kimberly Hartke decided to start her own PR firm, HartkePR, specializing in providing effective yet affordable public relations for authors, experts, businesses, and nonprofits. In a fast-paced business environment where technology and social media marketing are rapidly changing, Hartke’s staff uses creative approaches to helping their clients stand out. Social media manager for HartkePR, Enzo Rios, explains:

“Thousands of things are competing for a customer’s attention; it’s important to create visually stunning content to grab them from the get go. Publishing creative photos, videos, gifs, blogs and polls all help drive interest in what you’re promoting. That’s the start of a great selling initiative.”

One major way Rios helps clients stand out is through creating their social media graphics from scratch. How, you ask? After seeing this Hootsuite article on his Twitter feed, he discovered BeFunky’s Graphic Designer, and his creativity took off:

“BeFunky has been a great tool when designing memes for our client social media pages. We love how easy it is to use. Our clients are always amazed at how incredible these graphics look. We’ve noticed that posts with BeFunky memes have higher engagement from the fans.”

Using creativity when it comes to social media and public relations has really helped HartkePR’s clients shine. Their flagship client, The Weston A. Price Foundation, has been with them for seven years and counting. HartkePR’s marketing efforts have gotten them featured in USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. Rios manages every client’s Facebook and social media accounts, and his graphic design skills ensure consistent yet unique posts for each individual business. The ease of the BeFunky Graphic Designer gives Rios the power to make professional, well-designed memes without needing prior graphic design experience.

“There are so many templates available in the Graphic Designer that we have never faced with the problem of using the same template twice. We also love that it’s integrated with Pixabay so we have access to free stock images. When designing our memes we use the minimalist approach with our client’s message as the focal point. We use consistent colors, keep no more than 2 fonts and use simple overlays whenever possible. We believe in saying the most with the least.”

With so many different kinds of clients—restaurants like Woods Hill Table, authors like Cilla Whatcott and Ed Gogek, and nonprofits like Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fundthe variety of free stock images and templates in the Graphic Designer have given HartkePR all the tools they need for their promotional efforts. Rios’ advice to other public relations firms who want to help clients stand out?

“Most PR firms create social media pages to promote products or campaigns. We would recommend PR firms to stay creative in their promotional abilities.”

Want to practice the art of staying creative like HartkePR? Whether you want to create inspirational quotes for social media, graphics for your blog, or edit images for your website, all the tools you need are right here:

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