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The Background Remover That Works in One Click

Remove backgrounds from images and edit photos selectively, easier than ever.

Automatic Background Remover by BeFunky

All It Takes is a Click

Removing backgrounds from images can be a tedious task without the right photo editing tools. That’s why our Photo Editor is proud to introduce an automatic Background Remover that does the hard work for you! Built entirely in-house by BeFunky and powered by AI, it works by detecting the main subject in your image and erasing the background around it – all in one click. No matter how busy your photo background, the Background Remover will replace it with a solid color, transparent background, or entirely new image background, quicker than ever!

Background eraser by BeFunky



Create Product Photos Like a Pro

BeFunky’s Background Remover has everything you need to create high-quality, cohesive images for your product photography. Getting ready for e-commerce? Our Background Eraser will easily create transparent backgrounds in your product photography for uploading to Amazon, Etsy, or your own personal website. Want to ensure your products stand out? Replace the image background with clean white, electric pink or any color you could imagine. Whatever your brand aesthetic, the Background Remover will make your photos look professional, which can help you increase sales, drive brand awareness and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Background Remover by BeFunky Photo Editor

Instantly Add Depth of Field

Capturing depth of field can be tricky when you’re behind the camera, especially when you don’t have a high quality lens. Our solution? Use BeFunky to blur image backgrounds after you snap the photo! Pair our collection of Blur Background tools with our Background Remover to keep the main subject in your photo crisp and clear while blurring everything around it. Even if your photo was taken in a crowded setting, you can create incredibly realistic depth of field, blur backgrounds into beautiful bokeh, and mimic the look of an expensive camera lens – all in a single click!

Blur Photo Background tool by BeFunky



Edit Only Where Necessary 

If you’ve ever wanted to edit just the background in a photo, we have good news: our Background Remover lets you apply a wide range of editing tools and photo effects selectively to the image background! Make your portrait photography stand out by adding a texture background like bokeh, light leaks, and more – all without applying the effects to the subject. If you’re the artistic type, add creativity to your photos by turning a background black and white while keeping the subject in full color. Want complete control over your photo background? Take it further and selectively edit exposure, brightness, and saturation until every pixel looks just the way you want.

Photo effects by BeFunky Photo Editor

Make Your Subject Stand Apart

Is your background looking right but your subject needs some photo editing magic? Our Background Remover lets you mask photos in a single click, so you can edit the subject while leaving the background just the way it is. Keep the image background untouched while you adjust your subject’s exposure, sharpness, and saturation with more control than ever. Edit the color of a product in your image to show your customers different options. Just trying to have some fun? Create the look of a comic book character in a real life setting by applying the Cartoonizer to your portrait while keeping the background realistic. With BeFunky, you can improve every one of your photos, down to the very last detail.

Photo to Art effects by BeFunky Photo Editor



How to Remove Image Backgrounds in 4 Easy Steps

Use BeFunky's Background Remover to create transparent backgrounds, add a solid-colored background, and more!

01. Upload a Photo

Open your image in BeFunky's Photo Editor

02. Use the Background Remover

Select the Cutout tool and click the Remove Background button to let our AI detect the subject in your image

03. Choose a Background Color

Keep the image background transparent or add a new Background Color

04. Save Your Image

Save the image as a .PNG to keep the background transparent, or choose the .JPG option for images with a solid colored background

Background Remover by BeFunky